why “shift”?

I started this blog because I love to write. I started it to share my experiences in Asia — and how they changed me. Since moving back to the United States, I have also turned to current events and poetry.

Writing, like everything, is an evolution.

I chose the name Shift because I have come to see that life, for everyone, is a series of phases. Within each phase, any number of things can happen. Some of these things are up to us; others belong to “fate.” But no matter their cause, to each event, and to each phase, we must adjust. We must grow and change. We must adapt — for better, or for worse.

We have a choice.

4shiftMy hope is that we will choose to be better. That we will choose goodness over badness, kindness over selfishness, love over hate. That we will look within ourselves to become more self-aware and outside of ourselves to see the beauty in others . . .

We find what we seek.

I hope you hope the same things, too.

about “shift”

5 thoughts

    • Thank you so much, Chuda. I’m glad you like it. I’m searching for the universal, looking for what makes all of us, everywhere, tick. We are very different, but we are similar in very real ways, too. I really do love people—especially ones I meet through my blog like you! :)

      • You are welcome, Jessi. Sorry for the late reply. ;) Every person in this world is looking for the right place for them, and, because of this, we have different people, societies, cultures, etc., though no one really knows the truth. Everything changes each day. I am also happy to know you, too. ^^

  1. I agree with your thoughts of us all needing to be better…the novel I am currently working on is called ‘The Fates’ and speaks to the issues of choice and how those choices alter fate or who we were born to be. The choices of good vs evil, the choice of being selfish or selfless…the understanding of how we are all connected and our actions can effect/affect others.

    • That sounds like a *fascinating* story, James. I struggle all the time with how much of who we are is who we really are versus the environment to which we have been exposed. They say some character faults are genetic, some behaviors hard to avoid. I agree that, no matter what, though, we can all choose to strive to be better than we are — and that we should.

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