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Here are some of my and my readers’ favorite posts (not necessarily in chronological order). More to be added as they come.

Happiness/Living Abroad Series:

I Love . . . You? (8.8.2013)—I love criminals?

I Love . . . Me?I(7.31.2013)—thoughts of self-acceptance

I Love You (7.28.2013)—I love you

Let There Be Light (4.28.2013)—thoughts on Boston, Syria, and Bangladesh

Success, or Something Like It (4.13.2013)—what does “success” really mean?

The Luxury of Dreams (4.6.2013)—dreams are a privilege

The Luckiest Girl in the World (3.18. 2013)—a foreigner is grateful for hot water

The Beauty of Pain (3.15.2013)—the greatest artists know it . . .

Finding a Balance (3.10.2013)—balance is a key to happiness

Holes (3.8.2013)—“There’s a hole in my last post . . .”

Superyou (3.7.2013)—what if we all got to do what we love?

Learning from a Legend (3.5.2013)—lessons from the “King of Blues”

Other Popular Posts:

Just Like You (2.27.2013)—mankind is more alike than we think

No Man is an Island (2.24.2013)—why travel is important

Alone in an Igloo (11.1.2012)—my first few days in Taiwan

People are People (10.23.2012)—my experiment in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The Way to Happy (3.23.2012)—what does it mean to be happy?

Hello, My Name is ____? (6.25.2012)—an identity crisis

Making the Holidays Bright (11.23.2012)—self-explanatory ;)

Updated October 2020.
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