my poetry

I wrote these poems years ago. Since then, I’ve taken several poetry courses in graduate school and realized I have a lot to learn. I hope to start writing more (better) poetry soon. Until then, here’s a list of the poems published on Shift so far.


the visitor, revisited

the wild wind blows

**the butterfly

beyond the walls

the watchman

and what is beauty

mirror, mirror

wrong way

the airport


the world from above


it’s up to us

on and on you go (take two)

on and on you go

the visitor

little birdie

carry on







writer’s block


let her

Copyright 2020 Jessica Cyphers

14 thoughts

  1. If I were asked to make a title for that poem, it would be “Transmit.” Your lines in this one remind me of a soul transmitting from a life so busy that the business of it blocks most transmission and these are the ones that got through. The asterisks bring to mind some kind of notation or code that would go with a transmitted communication. The end result is enigmatic, even mysterious verse.

    Write on.

  2. Now who is silly? MikeW I tell ya. LOL. I thought that was a poem. It is set off in a blue-box field, and the text doesn’t look like it has any hypertext features to it, even passing over it. So I thought, wow, OK, she’s going to load the rest of them later…or maybe there’s a glitch.

    So now I’m reading your actual poems, realizing that that is hypertext. Must’ve been all those blows to the head.

    • Lol. No, that’s good for me to hear! I’m working on making some visual changes to my site—want links to look like links!—so it’s good to know your initial impression of this page. Thank you for the feedback. :)

  3. Hoi Jessica,
    Ich interessiere mich für deine Texte, weil ich selber auch schreibe. Leider ist die deutsche Uebersetzung aus dem Englisch nicht gut, sodass ich deine Gedanken nur schwer erraten kann. Trotzdem, mach weiter, es lohnt sich. Ernst

    • “Hoi Jessica
      I am interested in your lyrics, because I write myself also. Unfortunately, the German translation of the English is not good, so I can only guess your thoughts seriously. Nevertheless, keep going, it’s worth it. seriously”

      Thank you, Ernst! I wish I could write and speak German! Thank you for your interest in my poetry and other works. I will have to look at your work, too, and see how well Google Translate works for me!

      Best Regards, Jessica :)

  4. Hey Jessica
    It is post modern era…and you will find poets like Whitman, Ezra Pound, E. E. Cummings and many more who didn’t follow rhyme or rhythm…or any kind of poetic diction as well…And I say that if you find a beautiful landscape which attracts your heart that is poetry…If you find a child smiling that is poetry…If you read a story that is such was ornamental that is poetry… If you eat a fine food that is delicious there will find poetry of the cook… Overall life is a poetry…Death is a poetry..So please don’t hezitate to write your feelings….Cause feeling something intensely is one kind of poetry for me . . .
    So whatever you write that comes from your heart I will admit and appreciate that as poetry always my sweet beautiful friend . . .


    • What a sweet thing to say, Kazi. Thank you so much… You are so right. There is poetry in everything—in every aspect of life. And you’re right that there are many poets who don’t follow rhythm and rhyme. To be honest, I need to read more of them… I don’t read enough. Thank you for this gentle reminder of the beauty that is in everything. I hope you’re having a wonderful day, sweet friend. ~ Jessica

      • As a lover of poetry and also as a student of English Literature (as I passed 13 years studying Literature) I always loved John Keats and Lord Byron’s works… You can read them… Trust me… They are legends… Also there are many more….But I read them often… You’ll find some of their work quoted in my page Poetic Touch…
        And my days aren’t much interesting though…But I survive…In Dreams of something unknown . . .
        Often I say – The most predictable thing about life is its unpredictability …
        I await for the unpredictable unknown to happen . . .
        That is me . . .

        ~ Kazi

      • Those are wise words, Kazi. The unpredictable—unpredictability is what this life is all about. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow… I love Keats and Byron, too. You are inspiring me to go back and read more of their works. I love your page, “Poetic Touch”… “That is me.” Those words made me smile. You are wonderful, Kazi—*that* I can tell. ~ Jessica

  5. You loved my page Poetic Touch…but you didn’t like my works…? :( :P
    Never mind… just kidding…. Thank you for your compliments about me… I really do appreciate your encouragement… ~ Kazi

      • Thank you Jessica… You just take your time… It was just for a say… I didn’t mean anything… But I’d really be glad to know what you actually feel reading my stuffs… Wishing you a great time there….sending my thoughts for you through the universal soul . . ~ Kazi

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