the trouble is . . .

“. . . you think you have time.” — Buddha

I tried to write a blog post tonight. I really did. I had it all written out, but then my formatting was off, and I didn’t know how to fix it, and then I somehow erased it, and I just don’t have TIME to redo it all now.

My post, incidentally, was about “time,” and I was going to share the below video. The clip is somewhat cliché, but it hones in on how precious time really is and how too often we waste it.

I lost someone I loved once, but not how you’re thinking. I lost him to the priesthood. I lost him, but I’m not angry with him. I admire him. He gave up his literal everything — his every waking moment — to pursue his life calling. As I think of him now, I’m sure he’d say his sacrifice was worth it — in fact was not a sacrifice at all, considering the return on his investment — but I wonder . . .

How many of us have that same self-discipline? I know I don’t. I can only imagine how many poems I could have written if only I’d gotten them out of my head.

Will Smith has something to say about self-discipline, too — two things, actually — which Mr. Shetty touches on when he mentions time management. Mr. Smith says self-discipline is mandatory in order for us to achieve our life goals. He urges us not to think of self-discipline as negative, though, but says it’s actually a form of self-love. Please watch and share your thoughts.


*Note: Feature image and all videos courtesy of the world wide web.

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