the key to success . . .

Confession: I’m a failure. I fail every day. But I’m also a success. I keep trying.

How do I mean? I’ll give you a few examples:

  • I applied to graduate school four times before being accepted. When I finally got in, it was on uncertain terms. (I’ll explain later.)
  • I didn’t complete my first half Ironman. I was anemic and had to withdraw. The next year, I finished two half Ironmans and several other triathlons. I have my sights set on completing my first marathon and first full Ironman in 2018/19.
  • I started a blog while I lived in Taiwan, Tai Tao. It never took off. When I moved to Hong Kong, I started Shift. Today I have more than 2,400 followers (and hope to gain many more).
  • I’ve lived in seven cities in ten years. Each relocation has been difficult. I’ve never given up and moved home (wherever that is). My life perspective has grown ten-fold because of this.
  • I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I’ve learned something valuable from each relationship. I’ll be swimming  and not out on a date tomorrow night. (Valentine’s Day sucks, anyway.)
  • I’m trying to eat healthier. I had a vegetable smoothie with tofu for lunch. I also had gummy bears. :D

I like what Will Smith has to say on this topic, too. In truth, the only way to truly fail is when you stop trying.

What’s your relationship with failure? Do you agree with Will?





23 thoughts

    • Yeah, it’s a great graphic! There are SO many examples of “successful” people’s failures that I could have given for this post. Steven King’s “On Writing” is full of them. But yeah, failing better is the only way to go!

  1. I didn’t know you were a triathelete? That’s amazing! I have even more respect for you. Your time and sacrifices alone make you a winner. When you are done swimming tomorrow come on by mi casa. We are playing Clue w the kids. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve then!!

    • Lol, thanks! Clue sounds awesome. And yeah, I guess I wasn’t blogging much when I really started to get into triathlons. I’m no pro, but I enjoy the challenge. :)

      • Tri s are no joke. They beat my lil 5k s. We’re you thinking of going pro there? As far as Clue, we try to let Dylan win :-) But if you travel from that far you can win too. Will you be driving or biking?

      • Haha! Me? Definitely not a pro. But I know several people in Knoxville who are pro-level and have won Ironman events and gone to Kona, etc. Amazing, dedicated athletes… And that’s so sweet of y’all to consider letting me win! I like to win fair and square when I play games, though. No unfair advantages. :D Tell Dylan I say Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. If you’re not failing every day than you’re not trying. I have spent the last 20 years or so trying to be the best father, husband, boss, co-worker, human being that I can be. And every day I fail at every one of those things. Which is a really difficult way to get through life, but I’d hate to think of what it would be like if I “settled” for what I actually did every day. If I didn’t have that inner challenge to do the best at all of the roles I have to fulfill in life.

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