will smith, well said

I’ve always been a fan of Will Smith. No, I haven’t seen all of his movies, and I don’t know his entire life story. It’s possible he’s a terrible person. But typically the person you are on the inside shows up on the outside, and on the outside, Mr. Smith appears to be a decent human being—and a thoughtful one, too. He posted the below video on Instagram Live a few days ago, and when I saw it I thought, “Well said.”

Please watch!

I know too many people who focus on what they can’t control—the actions of others or crappy circumstances—instead of what they can. There is power in accepting responsibility for our own happiness and success. No, it’s not easy. Life can be cruel and unkind, and the world’s playing field has never been level. But blaming others accomplishes nothing. As William Ernst Henley so aptly put it in the poem below, we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls.


P.S. This is a reminder to myself!

13 thoughts

  1. Uh oh.. he used that four-letter word “responsibility”. Tsk.

    My daughter had to memorise and recite this poem last year in public performance.

  2. I love Will smith. I trust he is a good man. I still cant get over how far he has come since his first video on MTV and just being a (charismatic) street rapper. I enjoy most any movie he does now, except the silly ones) in fact I just watched one last night, Enemy Of The State. Thats a great video above w him. At first it reminds me of the daily lectures I give my kids. but. But it is so much more and so very accurate illustration of the things that happen to us in life. its not what happens to us, Its how we chose to react to it. Great post Jessica!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I’ve struggled with this with someone close to me, so it really hit home when I watched it. Your kids will be grateful someday when they realize how right your guidance was and how lucky they are to have you as their dad!

  3. Hello Jessica,

    I love Will Smith, he is great actor. I love that video, and I agree with him totally.Our life is in our hands. That is our responsibility !

    Thank you for sharing and stay blessed

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Ben! Please forgive my late reply. Glad you agree with Will’s message. It’s a good one, and empowering. Have a great day!

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