hush trump, the king is talking

If you scrolled through social media at all today, you likely caught a glimpse of the above image. The artist, Haitian-American Watson Mere, originally developed the image to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday in 2017. A week before the event, though, Donald Trump was inaugurated and, “with the atmosphere . . . and everything going on in the news, my spirit led me to add Trump to the image, too,” said *Mere.

The image went viral then and resurfaced again today, for obvious reasons. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero, but his birthday weekend is sad for me  sad because we’re still fighting the same fight; sad because his dream still hasn’t been realized. (Also sad because we do, in fact, have such an asinine president. I don’t usually talk politics on my blog, but, well . . . Perhaps I’ll make an exception another time.)

That said, today in Dr. King’s honor I’ve decided to post a few of his most famous and moving quotes. Please take a look at the below slideshow and be inspired.

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*Source: PRI’s The World

17 thoughts

  1. Also I really resonate with this one from  Dr. King, “In the final analysis, what God requires is that your heart is right. Salvation isn’t reaching the destination of absolute morality, but it’s being in the process and on the right road.”

    • Ooooh I really like that one, too. Hadn’t seen it when I was looking up his quotes last night. Maybe I’ll see if I can add it to the slideshow. Thanks, Sreejit!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I consider him to be the last American hero. My favorite quote of his; I have decided to stick with Love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

    • I agree that he was a hero. I wish there were more leaders like him today. That said, we ALL need to fight for what’s right every day. To quote King, “To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.”

  3. The whole situation is very sad really. I am more put off by people I know that support his awful behavior and actions all due to some low base reasons. Look at your 401-K! He is better than the other choice. In the big picture…probably not.

    They have traded in values for their own narrow self interests. Is it good for the country as a whole to have people with racial bias being appointed to top positions? As a whole, considering we are all not white…probably not. And protecting the whole nation is what a democracy is about. When you work for one party or one group, that is a dictatorship. You are now no different than Iran.

    These are only a few men who let corporations run amok and attack others. The people that prop them up and enable them are the cowards who have sold out. Like condoning your alchoholic uncle for his bad behavior. He is a great man because he works…he is just tired and stressed. Leave him alone. At least he is not like Bill, the bad drunk down the street. He has 4 D.U.I.s! Wrong! He is the same man. He is just not hit any innocent people yet.

    Sorry this is so long. As a person who believes in our country. Free press. Personal liberty. Following social norms. Values. I am not going to lie down like so many of my fellow Christians are willing to do. Freedom is worth more than my 401K.

    • Hear hear! I agree with you that democracy is about protecting the nation as a whole. Seeing as the United States is such a myriad of groups, doing so is no easy task. No one person could ever make all of this nation’s members happy, but Trump is doing a good job of the exact opposite, a.k.a. pissing (almost) everyone off.

  4. Well Jess we finally disagree!
    I think he is the best president since Reagan…
    Business man
    And he says what most men are thinking!

    Still love ya

    • Also, Hoss… You agree with the way Trump talks about women? I hardly think so—at least I hope not. A leader’s character is as important as his business sense, for it determines how he conducts his business and what he prioritizes.

  5. What wonderful exhortations! I read through this montage a few times and want to go forth and be a better person! Thank you Jessica, I’m in a better place for continuing my day. I also refuse to think negatively about the future because I believe the future will bring a DIFFERENT PRESIDENT!!!!

    • Lol, I’m glad to hear this improved your day, Terri! All credit to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe the future will bring a different president, too, but I hope it brings more than that. I hope it brings a shift in our political system so we aren’t locked into choosing between two bad choices, and one in which the character of a man gets him votes rather than the size of his campaign’s pocket book.

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