the wild wind blows

I’ll be honest: I’m discouraged tonight. Life isn’t always easy; in fact, sometimes it’s downright hard.

That said . . . There are certain universal truths that we must all cling to during difficult times. One of them is that, like music, poetry can make everything better. :)

This poem is perhaps my favorite to date because it is one of my technical best. I originally posted it on September 3, 2013.

The Wild Wind Blows

The wild wind blows,
In caverns – slows
The beating of my heart.

In darkness deep,
Where creepers creep,
I dream of days, depart —

To summer sun
Where rivers run,
And all the world’s an art —

And all of love
A perfect glove,
And you, the perfect part.

The wild wind blows,
A blanket, snows,
Alone, I’m miles apart —

In darkness deep
And silence steep,
From you who has my heart.

To listen to this poem, click below:

11 thoughts

  1. Beautiful, Jess!

    Life is not always easy…but–barring medical/psychological issues (and, at least from your posts, I know you have been through a LOT) that should be looked into if you think that they may exist–if we keep it together and muscle through, keeping our goals in mind, we learn to weather the tough times and uncover the source of our discouragements. If we fall back on those things that make us happy and really define “who we are,” we can weather those tough times. Throwing yourself into your art is also a productive way to deal with discouragement. We all have tough times…and they happen for different reasons. I know–more advice from one who doesn’t know you all that well–but try to examine within yourself why you feel the way you do and discover how you might overcome such discouragement in the future. Do you have good friends to talk with? Or write down how and why you feel discouraged. Talking or writing things out can be of *surprising* benefit. Last month I grew quite discouraged over the less-than-stellar success of my books, partially brought on by a particularly rotten bout of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that I have (or was it the *situation* that brought about the RLS issue?), and which, at times, severely interferes with my sleep, even with medication (I can really understand how people CAN be brainwashed through lack of sleep!). But I’ve regrouped and am trying to figure out a better way into the future with my work, and better understand who I am, why I have the issues that I have, and at this stage of my life…and be at peace with it. Sorry to be somewhat trite, but sometimes it’s not the issues that we have dumped upon us, but how we DEAL with them. It is all an intensely personal journey that we all must undergo as we make our way through our lives. We always have others to talk with, other avenues to follow and use as support. If you are of a religious faith, you can turn to elements of your faith. We always have another door to venture through. I hope I haven’t trivialized your situation and hope you can figure you way through your current and (hopefully!) temporary setback, but if you need another-and-different person to talk to, I am here. In any case, however, Jess, I wish for you PEACE.

    • Thanks, Frank. I appreciate your comment very much. I visited your blog recently, actually, as I am trying to get reacquainted with my blogging friends, and I wondered which of your books you’d recommend I read first? ;)

      Thankfully I DO have good friends and family who I can turn to in difficult times. Moving to Knoxville has not been easy for me. It’s been hard to start over in a new place all by myself. That said, you’re very right that *how* we weather difficult times is what truly defines us. Martin Luther King, Jr. said the same with his quote, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Some of what brings me down is out of my hands, but I have a choice each day to keep putting one foot in front of the other in the hopes that, someday, everything will work out.

      You are also right to mention peace. Accepting the things we can’t change is the only way to finding peace. I wish you peace, too, and am sincerely grateful for your friendship. Thanks again!

      • Thank you.

        I don’t know your beliefs and I’m certainly not asking for you to lay them out here—they are personal, and they are yours—but I believe that we all set challenges for ourselves when we enter this life. You have certainly had your share of them and you look as if you’ve overcome a lot and grown from the challenges you’ve presented to us through your posts (and thank you for sharing them). Such sharing can help others in similar situations to know they’re not alone and that others have successfully weathered the same things they are going through.

        I have always said that anyone can be nice…but you see the true person when they deal with adversity. Whatever the reason adversity happens, how we deal with it is extremely telling. How we deal with it helps us grow…become a better person…and we may not see that in this life. If we’re open, maybe it also can instruct us in how to avoid such adversity in the future—if that is an option. Sure, we all get beat down now and then…but when we regroup, we are hopefully better able to continue our advancement through life. I believe no action is ever wasted in our lives, even if we don’t understand the how or why now. You appear to be doing what you’re supposed to be doing (not that I believe in Fate—I don’t—but it seems that what you are doing is helping you adjust and helping you better understand yourself and what’s going on with you). Be open to new adventures (as you seem to be)…be open to new solutions (ditto, ditto…). To out-of-the-box thinking and resolutions. To the *positively* weird (weird things happen to me all the time). Just be open and trust in yourself and your faith/beliefs to help you along. This I believe. You are a strong person, Jess, an open person. A resourceful person. It appears to me, you have all you need already inside you…you just have to realize that.

        I have also been trying to reacquaint myself with my blogging friends! I’ve been so busy with putting out my most recent book that I’d had no time to do so, so how “synchronous”! And thank you so much for checking out my work. I’m not sure what you enjoy reading the most, but since you enjoy poetry, perhaps my anthology would be a good start. I have everything in there from straight horror to the metaphysical…though I’m not a horror writer anymore. All of my work has undercurrents of the metaphysical. As my editor, Joyce Combs, and I reworked these stories, she jokingly referred to me as “gruesomely romantic”! :-] I have written a handful of new short stories in there, which are near the end of the book; both of my shorts, “Broken Windows” and “Clowns,” are in Do The Dead Dream? That might be a good start. Otherwise: metaphysical books: Sleepwalkers, Psychic, Voice. Supernatural murder mystery: The Uninvited. Conspiracy theory: Psychic, ERO. Again, thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope you enjoy whatever you select!

        I wish you peace and growth, Jess. You are a kind and beautiful soul who radiates positive energy into the world. And this, we sorely need more of from all of us!

        Peace, my friend.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    you said it well and i agree with you, life is not easy.Great poem.This is precisely the charm of life, to fight with life for better tomorrow ! For better today. Thank you

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the poem. I agree that we must always keep fighting today for a better tomorrow. Speaking of… I hope your day is going well! :) -Jessica

  3. Dear Jesse, I am so sorry that you are having some ‘down’ problems, and it sounds as if you have some advice that is focused on the encouragement that is needed. I’m always here if you need me. I happen to rememb

    • Dear Jessie, I am so sorry you are having those “downs”. I am going to give you just one thought, because I’m here, and there’s no point in wasting the contact, is there? Besides, I remember a very sweet girl who helped me get started on the computer. What exactly happened to those intervening years?
      My first advice is not to be idle, TV is terrible for this sort of thing. Do physical things, even after you get so tired you can hardly stand. Unless you’re ready for sleep, keep finding things to do. (This assumes you know there is nothing you need to consult your doctor about.) The other thing (did I say only one?) –is– as you discuss with friends don’t let the conversation get into what I call a poor little me syndrome because it us easy to start believing what they might be saying.If this happens remember they are trying to be helpful. I was in that dark land for more years than I can count. and you can find yourself even more down if you listen to much of that. Remember wonderful things about yourself and tell yourself how uplifting that is, Now, here is last part of my one piece of advice, if you do feel like you really have to go to bed but you are not a bit sleepy keep yourself busy with pen and tablet or before the computer. I always do the pencil because you can tear a page out and wad it up and start over and over as many times as necessary. Sounds like you have some people who might be good listeners.Love you girl. Just hang on and think good thoughts. Keep writing. Love again, Marie

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