beyond the walls

So, I’ve been trying to write more poetry. I have a lot of great ideas but keep getting stuck after the first few lines. As such, I thought I’d share a few of my older poems. (I’m hoping they might spur my creativity . . .) This poem first appeared on my blog on August 5, 2013.

Beyond the Walls

In all the halls
And through the walls,
My harried thoughts are singing.
I hear them there,
And over there,
Like finches they are winging.

I think of you,
And you, and you,
And, oh, the anguish stinging.
For every time,
You seem sublime,
I only end up wringing.

And so it is,
I’m only his,
The one who me is flinging.
And so I’ll go,
Where no one knows,
And meet you there in clinging.

For a (really bad) audio version of this poem, click below . . .


10 thoughts

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