life in cubicles

deskSometimes life doesn’t give you what you expect. And sometimes that’s okay.

I haven’t written in a while. Not because I haven’t wanted to. Not because I don’t have things to say. It’s just…

There hasn’t been time.

I have thoughts about guilt, family, priorities, life, plans, the unexpected, the past, the future, poetry… (I need to write another poem.)

And perhaps tomorrow I’ll find the time. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll be able to breathe. As for today… I don’t want to blow surprises by giving rushed summaries because my mind is hurried. And so, please…

How many posts will I write like this, at the end of the work day, in the silence of the office? Just me and the clicking of keys on a keyboard in the cubicle beside me? There’s a man over there who works in a different part of the Agency – I don’t know his name or what he looks like or what he does. But I always know he’s over there because of his clicking… It’s sad when life is to be spent working in cubicles. But then again, life and work in cubicles is important, too…

And I try so hard to be diligent at work, but if I always wait until 5pm…? My posts end up looking like this.

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  1. Couldn’t help but notice the image of Lake Sonoma. I used to race Mtn Bikes there Jess. That brought back some awesome memories. I love that place. Thanks for this post and making me smile fondly on days gone by.

    • What do you dislike about the open floor plan? I guess it’s nice to be able to tuck away into my cube. I just long for a window, increased movement, and fresh air.

      I like your name by the way. Above my desk on my cubicle wall is a poster of my favorite quote by Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

      • Thank you. That is a really cool quote. I don’t like the lack of privacy and hearing everyone else in the room, especially when I talking to client’s or other co-workers or trying to concentrate. It may just be that I work in a loud office though ( : I think one of the pros to an open floor plan (more accessibility to people) can be a con.

  2. I think working in a cubicle may be important, but that looks soul destroying, not even a window? I spend a lot of my working day driving, so am equally trapped, but at least I have the glorious views of the countryside to compensate. I hope you are still looking outward in your mind, and looking for a different job!

    • Thanks Fraggle. I won’t be in my cubicle forever. I don’t plan on staying in my current spot for more than another year. The pay is good, though, so it’s hard to think about leaving.

      I don’t like driving for hours at a time, either, but I agree with you: at least then you have glorious views! I love your photos and your country. :)

  3. This is a very nice shot of your desk, Jess. It reminds me…of my desk. I have two screens too, and I don’t keep rubbish around. I feel you for not having time for writing. It is hard to find time to write my book because at the end of the day when I go home, all I want to do is rest and get ready for the next day. Maybe clean the house. Being hurried is the last thing many of us creatives want.

    It really is a lot of pessimistic thinking here. But, often the best ideas come during our busiest and most challenging times :)

    • We are much the same, Mabel. I love things neat and tidy and clean — and creative. My current jobs is almost completely void of opportunities for creativity, and I think that’s one of my biggest challenges… That’s why I took the time to be creative with my decorations at my desk. They are also a reminder of the big wide world just waiting outside my door. (I definitely wish I had a window and a way to get fresh air.)

      Anyway, and then yes! There are always things to do when I get home, so that it’s hard to think about sitting down (especially after I’ve been sitting all day) to blog and write… I’m proud of you for your recent article in the Australia women’s magazine, though! That is so cool!!

      • A lot of jobs these days demand routine from us. There is always, always some sort of paperwork that needs to get done. I sympathise with you about the window and fresh air. In my current office in the city, our windows are glazed black and we can’t see anything outside – a day will go by and we’ll have no idea the weather outside.

        The magazine feature was a stroke of luck :D

  4. Your writing is vivid and clear as day. When office life gets difficult, take a break and explore your mind. Take deep breaths. Drink sweet tea. Work only has control of your body; freedom is in the mind. Go beyond and keep writing. Best wishes x

  5. Hopefully this year is the year when you knock away all the cubicles that stifle you :-)
    It is always a bit tough when bouncing around between what needs to be done professionally and what needs to be done spiritually…and while I am not sure we ever really figure it out, making sure you are set up to enjoy the journey is important. Take care Jess :-)

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