ten minutes

thCAE4W3I2Ten minutes. How much can I write in ten minutes? We used to have free-writing sessions when I was in college. Ten minutes and you couldn’t stop moving your pen. You had to just write, and to let flow what would flow. You weren’t supposed to erase or edit or stop or walk. You were just supposed to write. Well, I can’t say I was ever very successful at it. I haven’t been successful just now. I’ve edited a few words, moved some things around. I’m tired, though. My eyes are heavy. I rarely write well when tired. And so I’ll stop for now. Maybe pick things up tomorrow. There are so many things to share. Ten minutes. Huh. I wrote this in eight.


18 thoughts

    • Dan, I really love the technique of Stream of Consciousness. Could you let me know more about this challenge?

      SJ simplyconversing.wordpress.com

    • It wasn’t very good. But I enjoyed doing it, too. I will look below at your comments to SJ regarding the challenge. My challenge is even finding time to open my laptop on a Saturday.

    • Hmm… For some reason I thought I’d replied to this, but now I don’t see my comment! I’m glad you liked my experiment, Dan. I’m realizing that I’m going to have to stop being such a perfectionist and just write what I can when I can, or else I’ll have to let this blog die. There just isn’t time to spend hours and hours formulating a perfect post every time!

      I will check out the Stream of Consciousness thing when I can. Thanks for the suggestion!

  1. One of the best high school classes that I took involved my Humanities teacher who forced us to either speak for a minute about anything in front of the class or write. I still do not care for public speaking much but I can muddle through it.

    And also, in true Steve style as of the past few years…My year will end with me crawling to 2016 on my belly. Broke after a series of car repairs, bills, secret santas, holiday pot lucks, and family gift buying. Also, work has been entertaining. It is the holiday season at our now busy hotel. We are short staffed…shorter after vacation requests have been granted, and another person is on the verge of being termed. On top of that, our wise General Manager decided that this week is the optimal week to change out all of the sofa beds in the units. And I have to contribute a person to help out!

    But I have to say that the group who are there are stepping up to the small, chipped plate and we are getting things done!

    So here is to next year! Have a good holiday season and Merry Christmas!

    • I’m sorry to hear it’s been such a tough end to the year, Steve! But, if it’s any consolation, I understand and can relate! I recently had to make a bunch of repairs on my car, and then we got new car for the bf, and… The list goes on and on, but money is definitely tight around here, too! Work struggles are never easy, either, but I hope you get everything worked out at the hotel soon. I hope you don’t have to work Christmas Day?

      Anyway, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! Much love to you and yours!

      • Thanks!

        And of course I have to work on Christmas but I open and holidays are normally slow so who knows…maybe leave early.

        I also hope you have a great Christmas!

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