save a turkey


From my corner of the board to yours… Save a turkey!

It’s days like today I’m thankful for my blog. And no, I don’t actually mean my blog. I mean you: my readers, my friends. Despite my apparent inability to post consistently, you are always there, cheering me on, encouraging me to keep going. Writing is worth it.

I hope to post again soon. As for today, it’s on the road to a Thanksgiving meal at my mom’s. I hope that, wherever you are, and whether you celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November or not, you have a great day and always remember that, no matter how bleak things may sometimes seem, there is always something to be grateful for.

And also, save a turkey: EAT CHICKEN!!

18 thoughts

    • Thank you so much, Sophia. I had a good weekend, although I don’t know about restful… I hope you had a great weekend and holiday, too! Now, back to the grind…

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you, Jessica! We at the House of Reamy did indeed save a turkey. Wendi made chicken Bryan, and it was a big hit.

    • Lol, that’s wonderful to hear, Matt. I’m sure Wendi’s chicken was great! I myself have never been a fan of Thanksgiving turkey. It’s the stuffing I go for. ;) Hope you had a great weekend!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mabel. Indeed this is the first time I’ve even opened my laptop since my post on Thursday. It’s been a busy but good weekend. I hope you had a great weekend, too… Actually, you’re now starting your Monday! My oh my, time differences… And now it’s time for *me* to catch up on *your* blog! :D

    • Thank you, Fraggle! Does Britain not have any Thanksgiving holiday at all? I wonder what other holidays you have that we don’t, and vice versa? Holidays are an interesting way to get a glimpse of a culture. ;) Anyway, hope you had a great weekend! And I am indeed thankful for your friendship!

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