more than you think

connectedAll of life’s instances, stories, punctuations, journeys, and inevitable fates are donned by intertwining relationships of love, faith, hope, and freedom. And somehow, we are bound by one simple certainty — that we all meet somewhere in between. Yes, we are all connected. More than you think.

I found the above postcard in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I was there for only a few days, over a Chinese New Year, for the purpose of seeing Angkor Wat. It was with delight that I stumbled upon it, as I did upon the Hemingway and Poipet stickers (below). The postcard made my heart stop, then race, then stop again. How true!

And so, because it’s Friday, and my brain is truly fried, I’ll keep today’s post short: With the world falling down around us (even in the good times, let’s face it, things are bad), I often wish  could shout “STOP!” and that, for a single moment, the entire world would freeze. And listen. And breathe. And I wish I could share with them the above message: We are connected; we are connected; we are connected. People are people; people are people; people are people. You’re a person, and I’m a person, and you’re a person, too. Love and respect — that’s all we need. Why is that so hard?

And when I think these thoughts, I wonder, Would it make a difference? If it were possible, I think it would. In fact, I know it would. Cultures divide us, but there are similarities across cultures. Emotions are the same. Desires are the same. And especially in this technological age, what happens “over there” can create tidal waves “over here.” Yes, we are all connected. More than you think.


Stickers from Cambodia


Me and a few friends at the Thailand-Cambodia border


What are you looking at?


Statue at Angkor Wat

Case in point: Why else would you be reading the words of a girl from California?

14 thoughts

  1. I’ve spent the last couple of days on a mini vacation in Fort Bragg. A place of peace and quiet, harmony and relaxation for me. For a moment or two this afternoon I plugged in and learned of what was happening in Paris today. These types of things typically don’t bother me much. I long ago gave up on the idea that these types of incidents would ever end. But today I am struck with the same feeling you express in your post. I just wish it would stop and people would realize, as you state, that we are all connected. That we have much more in common than what divides us. Because we are human beings. All striving for the same thing. A little peace. A little bit of happiness. And the opportunity to live our lives.

  2. I am always amazed at all the different little ways we are all connected…and just the way things are connected! I admire the way you have traveled and explored so many things in the world. I’ve wanted to do that as well. Now that we’ve crossed cyber-paths, we are connected! :D

    The photo of the statue at Angkor Wat is breathtaking!

    • You’re so sweet, Amy. Yes, we are connected, even if all that means is that across the board we all have emotions and needs just like everyone else. Despite cultural differences, there is actually more that links us than divides us.

      Angkor Wat was pretty cool, but not literally! It was pretty hot while we were there. :D I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

    • Thanks, Randall! I love what you said about feeling the world. How many travelers have you seen who haven’t actually connected to — or even attempted to connect to — their surroundings? We have to be willing to “feel” each destination in order for those experiences to fulfill their potential.

  3. You could not be more correct Jess! Connected, connected, ALWAYS connected! How you ask, highly inquisitive and waiting on my every typed word? Well, hyper-interested woman who-has-so-much-happiness-to-offer… I will tell you in two words:

    Quantum Physics. :D

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