It’s the end of the week, folks, and I must say, it’s been a tough one. I’ve been trying to write something meaningful but, instead, keep running into walls — sleep deprivation and sad news have left me brain dead. I hope to turn this trend around this weekend; in the meantime, though, isn’t he perfect?

Happy Friday (and early Halloween), everyone!!


29 thoughts

  1. There are all sorts of trite sayings for moments like this. Chin up. Every cloud … yada, yada, yada. There’s always a light … yada , yada, yada. So, ignore all of that and get through it. Sorry to hear about the sad news, whatever it is, but you will get through it. And turn it around too.

    • Your comment reminded me of a card I received long ago, not long after my rock-climbing accident. I can’t seem to find an image online, but the card went something like this: [On the front] “They say every cloud has a silver lining; the sunshine comes after the rain, etc.” . . . [and then, when you opened it up] “Who the hell are ‘they,’ and what gives them the right to say that, anyway?” Lol. The card made me laugh then, and isn’t far off from what you said now. Thanks for the cheer, though. I may explain more soon. We’ll see!

  2. Everyone needs to stand out in a crowd once in a while. Seeing that pic should be your reminder to do just that. Treat yourself like the special person you are and take your moment to shine

  3. I have to write something after a few weeks off. It is a matter of time like you said and feeling it. I need to get back in the groove of being the standout sheep!

    Hope things turn around for you and the weekend is relaxing…

  4. Things will turn around, Jessica. I wish you the best. Not to sound trite, but, hope you can enjoy some Hallowe’en fun to get your mind off whatever bad news and rough-week-worries you’ve had….

  5. Boo yourself Jessica! Or is it, ‘baaa’? I hope you had a fun Halloween and were able to turn that trend around. If not will you PLEASE come to our house and help get rid of some Halloween candy?!! You rock Jessica! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hope this weekend will give you a bit of time to breathe, think and at least enjoy the thoughts of all the possibilities life has out there for you :-) Take care ~

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