little we see

Because it’s been too long and there hasn’t been time and my mind’s been on and you’ve been on it.



Lake Sonoma


The world is too much with us; late and soon, getting and spending, we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours.

— William Wordsworth


Little we see . . . or even notice? With all the hustle and bustle, and bad news and bad guys, and pressures and deadlines, and so on and so on, sometimes it’s more than this introverted thoughtful can handle. We live in a beautiful world. Our beautiful home. And yet what do we do with it? Where do we stand?

Don’t believe me (about the beautiful part)? Check out this video.



8 thoughts

  1. Yes … and much of it can be found right in our own back yard, which is why I’ve re-dedicated myself to spending more time out there. Walks along the American River, hikes in the foothills, backpacking trips in the mountains, and day trips to the ocean. All within a short distance from home.

    • We live in a great state, eh? All except for the drought. I fully agree that it can all be found in our backyard. I love going for a run just to feel the breeze.

      • Living in the Sacramento for most of my life, I’ve gone through phases. If I had the time, bicycling would be my preferred exercise, but running is so much easier and not as time consuming. But last weekend, I went for a ride on the American River Bike Trail for the first time in a year and I went back again yesterday for another one. Being able to bicycle along the river for a couple of hours can seriously re-charge a soul. Running isn’t quite as good for getting in touch of nature — running in my neighborhood means I’m either going to smell pot being smoked or bacon being cooked. The latter is much better than the former.

  2. Such a great video, and I loved the quote at the end of the video too. The journey is home. I like that. Every moment, is home. The finer things in life are always in the now. Peace, it’s a choice and so is happiness. Love the shot of the lake you took :)

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