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Thanks for writing that very nice article about us three new administratoris in Geyserville. It is always nice to see positive press in the newspapers, or at least a balance. You write very well–clear, concise, and not a lot of fluff. So, thank you again and let us know if you need anything else down the road.

It’s comments like these that tell me I’m right: I was meant to be a writer. No, not a reporter. A writer.

The article this man mentions is located here. It’s an assignment I got as a freelancer at a local paper here in Santa Rosa. It’s a position I got after being rejected yet again for a full-time reporting job. It’s an opportunity to produce clips and, hopefully, make (more) connections.

My half Ironman was this past Sunday. It didn’t go as planned. I will write more soon, but, in the meantime, thank you–all of you–for your encouragement over these past few years.




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    • Haha, Fraggle. Probably creative nonfiction. I love writing things based on my life experience and perspective. I’m also terrible at coming up with plots!

  1. I like “news” stories like that. More depth, not sound-bites and a chance to get to know a little more than the straight facts I can get from Google. Nicely done.

    • Thanks, Dan. Much of the newspaper work I’ve done hasn’t really been “news.” That’s the cool part about being a reporter, though. You get to meet a lot of people and get a look into their lives. It keeps you on your toes!

  2. Cool! It is never the money (or lack thereof) it is all about those seemingly small thanks…that motivate us to write on…
    Positive is always best…no wonder ur not a reporter!

    • Lol, the county fair? Big time is right! (Cough) I actually covered a local beauty pageant at my hometown county fair a few summers ago. Now *that* was big time. (Cough cough.)

      But I hope you’re right, Steve. I hope this does lead to something bigger. Connections are everything, so they say…

  3. Amazing writing opportunity, Jess. Very happy for you. I had a look at the article and it really is so well written with such strong voices. You are a writer and your bring stories through life through your words, at least here on the blog and I’m sure in other pieces of writing too. Keep writing, you never know what can come out of it :)

    Well done on participating in the half Ironman and hope to hear about it soon :)

    • Thank you, Mabel! I’m so glad to hear you liked the article. A strong voice is everything to a writer.

      I guess you got your wish about the Ironman in my latest piece!

  4. Awesome. That takes a lot of guts to really be going for it as a writer. I’m sure I’m gonna be saying one day that I knew her back when…

    • Lol. Well… I still have to pay bills. I’ve been doing the teaching thing and am trying to get into grad school to teach writing s…o…m…e…d…a…y… Seems like reaching my goals will take forever sometimes. But I am a writer. I can’t ever let that die.

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