will she ever . . .

post again? write again? rhyme again?

Stay tuned for a long-overdue answer.

In the meantime . . .

Is this guy for real? What does he think he’s accomplishing? I mean, really. Go get a job. Or something. Anything. Go feed the homeless, maybe. I dunno. But I’ll bet that that’s what Jesus would want you to do. Not . . . this.


20 thoughts

  1. I like a person with some commitment but not so much like this…

    What is the message? Jesus is god. Not a big stretch there. Like holding a sign that says Lakes are Water! Anyway, in his mind he is probably thinking he is doing something big.

    As for your future and blogging, well, I hope you do not completely disappear. I have always enjoyed reading about your past, your feelings on things, and your new ventures.

    I am glad to see your post pop up on my feed!

    Have a good weekend!

    • Well, he’s got a Gideon Bible in one hand. His sign says something about going to hell on the other side. He’s also standing on a sidewalk at a four-way light intersection — a place where most people are driving not walking. So… I’m just not sure exactly what he thinks he’s accomplishing? This kind of stuff usually pushed me away from, not towards, religion.

      I’ve started training hard for my upcoming half Ironman. There isn’t time for anything :(

      It’s always good to hear from you, Steve! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

      • About your blogging issues…

        Just some food for thought. I have noticed that some of the more popular bloggers tend to have their hard hitting posts then some fluff. You know, the top ten ways to serve chicken or goofy things like that.

        If you enjoy writing, then not every post has to be the post that makes people think. Some small posts here and there about your training for example would hold people over and not take long to create.


  2. I suppose the guy has no ill intentions and perhaps he’s doing something closer to his heart. Then again, there’s only so much we can achieve spending each day doing the same thing.

    Hope all is good, Jess. Always a pleasure to see you post…life’s tough but we do what we can and most of all what we need to.

    • I believe you’re right that he has no ill intentions. I just think he’s crazy!

      And thanks, Mabel! I’m fine, just overwhelmed. My training has started in full for my half Ironman, and I’ve been working out anywhere from 2-3 hours most days. I’m also looking for a new job, so there hasn’t been a lot of time for anything but survival.

      I always love your posts when I have the time to read them!

  3. Perhaps he believes that he’s already achieved perfection in servitude, and now he must reach back to the mortals and show the way. What a pious prick. And anyone who tries to defend these guys in their arrogance should remember the way that Jesus himself dealt with the like. If I remember correctly, He was more patient with the prostitute than the self-labled “elite”.

    • Well… Not that I’m defending him, but… Pious prick seems a bit harsh to me. I just mostly think he’s delusional. What does he really think he’s accomplishing? Most people (like me) just brush people like him off. His “mission” is sort of doomed from the start.

      It’s really great to hear from you, dinkerson!

    • Hmm. You may be right. I just always thought people who walked around with Bibles and signs were a little bit crazy. I’ve never known that kind of “witnessing” to be all that effective.

      Good to hear from you, Lucas!

  4. We’ll always wait for whatever words you decide to type out. Actually, this is quite inspiring. Rather than not writing at all, to post something. Hope you are well! xx

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