times are tough, but i’m in luck!


True that, yo!

It occurred to me, as I was reading the headlines this morning, just how lucky I am. I have a roof over my head and enough food to eat. I have a job and a loving boyfriend. (Believe me, he puts up with a lot.) I have family close by and friends near and far. I have use of all four limbs and my hearing and eyesight. I have it good.

I am often quite hard on myself, but, the truth is, when comparing myself to others (which I shouldn’t do — I know, I know), I only look to those I consider my betters. Those with more money, more life experiences; those who have things “all figured out,” those I consider better looking. I forget to check myself and look at all of humanity and just how many people out there I can help, or would, or should.

I recently saw a video about Syria. Here in the States, it’s easy to forget how difficult life circumstances are elsewhere. But even that isn’t true. There are plenty of Americans who struggle, too. I have a friend who is a teacher in Baltimore. Her every facebook post reflects her frustration with the American education system and poverty’s affect on education . . . And of course I can’t forget sweet Sarah, whose mother keeps around multiple men.

Times are tough everywhere.

So my challenge to myself this Easter weekend, and always, is to keep in mind — no, not only how lucky I am — but how I can use my “gifts” (health, life, love, etc.) to help others. Because we all know, deep down, that the key to true happiness is not focusing inward, on ourselves, but focusing outward, on others.


photojournalist took this photo 4 Syrian child, thought he has a weapon not a camera so she Gave up !


Note: Yes, I am repeating myself with this post — I gravitate toward this topic a lot. Yes, I am intense. Jon loves to remind me all the time. He is quite the opposite, and a good balance for my intensity.

15 thoughts

  1. There’s a quote, can’t remember who exactly said it, but I think it goes something like: A lot more people are happier with less…

    It’s completely true and it’s how people should live the daily life.

    Great post.


    • I like that quote, Jessie! Thanks for sharing, and, yes, it’s absolutely true. Less is more in many, many circumstances. I just wish more people understood that.

      Hope you’re having a great day!!

    • Thank you, Randy. I especially liked the line at the end of the video, “Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” That hit me hard.

      Happy Easter!

    • Thanks for that reminder, Mark. Now you’ve got me thinking… While I can’t say I’ve ever struggled with clinical depression, I certainly *have* been depressed before. Perhaps I need to write a follow-up post?

  2. Hi Jess! :)

    Yes, I’m still alive in case you were wondering. Busy, busy this time of the school year and working two other part-time jobs to make ends meet in my 32-foot RV at a municipal park where rent is cheap. And yet, I can list off all the wonderful positives in my situation and STILL smile, laugh, and be a part of our human family! That’s important to me; that’s why I teach (some Special Ed) and counsel those adults in need, particularly those with chemical addiction it seems — a rampant social problem in our brutal economy.

    It is truly a warm feeling to read this and how you’re doing! Hats off to Jon!!! :P

    • So good to hear from you, Professor! You amaze me with your stories and three jobs and social-type work, etc. Life isn’t easy for anyone, and your positive outlook is something we all could learn from and take as an example to follow.

      Thanks so much for stopping in. Jon says hello!!! :)

  3. You really expect us to give a damn about anything for any longer than a single news cycle? What an idealist. I was just ranting yesterday about the complete lack of media attention on (and, thus, public interest in) the ongoing savagery in Syria, Iraq, and etc due to the ISIL and other theo-political conflicts. It’s the short attention span thing–we like to think we care, but there we have lack the moral strength, focus, and stamina to do so. I’m a first timer here–nice blog.

    • Thanks for commenting. Sorry it took me a few days to see this. You’re right: I am an idealist, and it’s not always a good thing. We *do* have a short attention span, and it’s sad.

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