oh, kids

410_1target_group_kids_apparel_photography_los_angeles_mike_henryLittle kids are so loving. I’m working in a first grade classroom right now. “Your hair is so soft!” “Will you tie my shoe for me?” *Big hug* “You’re so pretty!” “I like your glasses!”

(They are far kinder to me than I am to myself.)

Then today, on the playground, a student named Morgan, blubbering: “Miss Jess . . . No one wants to play with me. I don’t know why, but no one wants to play with me.” His blue eyes pooled with tears.

“Well, umm . . . [What to say? I haven’t worked with little kids long. I’m not used to this!] Did you ask the other students if you could play with them? [Looking around.] Umm . . . What about them?” I pointed to a group of students by the jungle gym. “Did you ask them?”

“No . . .”

“Why don’t you try asking them?”

“Uhh.” A shadow of doubt clouded his brow. I could see his mind’s wheels churning. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “Uhh, okay!” And off he went, chubby legs and freckles flying. And for the moment, he was forgotten. “Miss Jess!!! I need a baaaand-aiddd! Whaaa!!!” [Oh boy . . .]

That is, until several minutes later. Flushed and out of breath, Morgan ran past me. “Hey, Miss Jess!” He looked back as he flew by. He was following the group I’d pointed out earlier. He gave me a thumbs up and grinned. “Thanks!”

I laughed — long and hard.

Oh, Morgan, you sweet child.

Oh, kids.


8 thoughts

    • Innocence. Naivety. Learning things for the first time. It’s eye-opening working with really young kids, honestly. I’m learning a lot — about myself, and people in general. It’s so interesting, really… And, yes. I think I have a connection with these kids. They’re really sweet!

  1. It sounds like those kids are in very good hands. Lots of lessons conveyed in that little bit of problem solving – good job. So, do you just carry a pile of band aids in your pocketbook?

    • So many lessons, Dan! And I am just beginning to realizel them. It’s been a long time since I was in the first grade. There’s so much we forget. I’m not a parent yet — and obviously parents see firsthand how their children grow — but I honestly think that teachers have an even greater understanding about what goes into a child’s development than even parents do. There’s no better way to teach a child life’s lessons than to surround them by their peers.

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