on my way

pathwayI can only be me.

Must live the life I’m given,
and wear the skin I’m in,
be wary how I’m driven,
and of the walls within.

Must mind to whom I listen,
think deeply, unafraid,
to ask the questions hidden,
no matter where they’re laid.

Can only be . . .

And always kind to others,
must selfless, always brave,
think not of petty druthers,
a loving pathway pave.

Must worry not ’bout others —
their glories or their stays,
or envy all their treasures,
I’ll follow my own ways.

. . . me.

For when this life is over,
for when my race is run,
I’ll worry not ’bout Rover,
just want to see the Son.

And me is who He’s given,
so me is who I’ll stay.
And me has always thriven,
when me is on my way.


*For an audio recording of this poem, click below.


Image: Pinterest

33 thoughts

    • I edited the poem… It’s better now. And yes, I’ve wondered where you were! Truth be told, though, if you’d been on more during the last two months, you’d know I haven’t been around much, either. Life’s just been too crazy…

      So glad to hear from you! I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, but I’m glad to know you’re doing better! Keep feeling well! :)

  1. It is ironic that we’re taught to look out for others, yet not to worry to much about others and put ourselves first. It makes sense for us to look out for ourselves first and then look out for others, because without self love, we won’t know how to love others.

    Ask questions. I think a lot of us forget to do that; maybe we’re afraid of what we’ll find out about the world around us or ourselves. I hope you’ve been well, Jess. This is a lovely poem from you, effortless. But as a fellow writer, all writing needs time and effort… ;)

    • Yes, the balance between self and others and self love, etc. is complicated. We often don’t ask questions because it’s easier not to — safer. And yes, this poem came rather easily, though, if you reread it, you’ll see it’s been edited since your first reading. You’re right: All writing takes effort! ;)

      • I have been doing this for two years plus now. A long story about my situation. Sometimes I think I have way to much pride. I could have taken the easy way out a million times over but I am still sticking to my guns. I know none of this makes sense but it has to do with my former employment and what I am putting up with today. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay overqualified for my current position.

      • I get it. Currently working as a TA for problem kids. Not my dream job. Working towards my professional goals on the side, but progress is slow, and I have to pay bills. Kind of discouraged at the moment.

      • Feel the same way. I used to work for Busch Entertainment. Then they were bought out and my dream job went bye-bye!

        I thought I was going to get a job easily. I always did in the past but during the recession it was awful. So I ended up working for an old friend who wanted me to help him straighten out his department.

        The problem is this…the company is growing like crazy. The expertise of the top executives is not. They are struggling with basic things for a big business. They also can not get a handle on how to address employee concerns so it is chaos.

        Another problem is growing so fast; they have people in positions that they can not clearly do and none of the executives have the back bone to clean house. The manager who works the opposite shift as me can barely write coherently and can barely hen peck through a shift report. He does not coach or counsel. He is basically taking up a spot. So it puts more work on the few who have the right skills.

        I desperately need to pay the bills too. So I feel stuck until something really great comes along. So far…nada.

      • Ugh. Mismanagement or a lack of a clear direction in a business is the worst. Spells disaster, really. If the company is growing like crazy, that’s great. But it will ultimately fail if they can’t get their ducks in a row.

        I hope something better comes along for you soon! Until then, I guess we’re in the same boat together!

    • Thank you, Vincent. It’s been too long, and I am trying to get back into the groove.

      Funny that you mention “druthers.” I have always known the word but myself looked up its definition before using it yesterday!

      Always, always good to hear from you…

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