a very, very belated thank you

A year ago today, a friend sent me a message. He sent it to my email. Those of you who’ve ever contacted me through my blog know I am not always good at checking my email: I got his message after several days. Here is what it said:


23It was, without a doubt, one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. It was also one of the most powerful. Why? Because it was tangible proof that my words had not been in vain . . .  That friendships could be formed via the Internet . . . That I was not, in fact, alone.

Another blogging friend, Vincent, recently posted about willful solitude. He talked about his own introversion and his realization that solitude, like all things in life, must be contrasted to make sense, “else it becomes a fathomless abyss in which we free-fall almost endlessly.” He stated that we are all interconnected and that even the most willfully solitary people need others. He is absolutely right.

When I started this blog in 2012, I had no idea how it would/could connect me to others. Subh, whom Allwin mentioned in his letter, was one of the first people who “found” my blog. I met Allwin through him. Both are outstanding people and citizens of India; if/when I ever make it there, I have promised to visit them. But I feel terrible because, for a year now, I have been meaning to respond to Allwin’s sweet letter. I never have.

Until now.

Allwin, thank you. And your handwriting is beautiful. Forgive me in advance for mine.

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    • Thank you, Fraggle. You’re right. Letter writing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Why would you wait days and weeks for a hand-written letter when electronic messages can be delivered right away? You’re one of my faithful readers, too, by the way. Thank you!!!

  1. Thank you Jess. :) Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. :)

    As much as I love sending handwritten letters. I love receiving them too. And this one was very very very special. :) Thank you for taking the time to write this letter and for posting it on your blog. You don’t have to be sorry for being late. You totally totally made up for it.

    This post of yours totally made my day.

    P.S. – Your handwriting is beautiful too. :)

    • No it’s not! My handwriting used to be good. These days… And I can’t write cursive! I always get my letters all mixed up. I know in India handwriting is considered very important.

      Glad you forgive me for being so late writing this. It really has been on my to-do list for a year. So sad!!! I’m glad you don’t mind, too, that I shared your letter or mine in my post. I wanted to be sure you received full recognition for your kind act.

      Hope you’ve been well!!!

  2. Love this post and how it demonstrates that friendships can be formed on the internet :) It’s so interesting how it can happen…feeling a connection with someone you’ve never met in person, but it can. I really love and appreciate the internet/ blogging friends I’ve made here, including you. Thank you for sharing this! :)

      • Sorry, typing on iPhone and msg sent incoherently, lol. I’m on mat leave and hopefully I’ll have time to blog more this year, when not dealing with the kiddies. How are u enjoying life. Seem to be super busy; not blogging as much as u used to.

      • I know! I am super busy. Moved to a new city about three months ago, got a new job and interviewing for another one, training for a half ironman, and taking care of my boyfriend (haha)… It’s hard to find time to write!! Congrats on the new little one! So exciting! We need to see a pic!

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