So, I wanted to finish this:

We are who we are
yet all we will be –
The people we touch,
the people we see.
The people we love,
the people who care,
The people ‘re strange,
the people who stare.

But, instead, I wrote this:

It’s that time of year again: New year, new year’s resolutions, new you! Or so they say. But what if this year it really was a new you, and what if that was due (at least in part) to your newly remodeled, fabulous gym?

Since its beginning in 1993, Powerhouse Gym in Placerville has been a haven for fitness lovers and training athletes alike . . .

And this:

When you hear the name “Sacramento Heart and Vascular,” what comes to mind? If you say “cardiology,” you’re not alone. But did you know that at Sacramento Heart and Vascular in Placerville, you can see not only a cardiologist, but a primary care physician, too?

That’s right. I’ve been writing newspaper articles again. (My editor tells me I’m his “all-star” freelancer. Haha.)

But that’s not all.

I’ve also been working on things like this:



And driving across things like this:

(Who, me? Take pictures while driving? Never . . .)



I’ve been trying to eat things like this:


And wondering about things like this . . .

(Pick any random news story — does ALL news have to be bad news??)


And all the while I’ve really been thinking about:

    this (my blog),
    and you (my readers),
    and life (it’s crazy),
    the present (it’s busy),
    the past (it’s poignant),
    the future (it’s bobbly),
    and words (they’re funny),
    and . . .

And I’ve been wondering how you are. It’s now Thursday, January 22nd, 2015.

Can you believe it’s almost February?!


34 thoughts

  1. Sounds like your life is full. Was pretty funny going from the poem to the news article. That’s cool that you’ve got some work in writing at least. Will look forward to you finishing that poem though!

  2. Very nice to hear you’ve got things to keep you occupied, Jess. The more we do, the more we know what we truly like doing…or don’t like doing. One or the other. Or if we’re lucky, maybe both. Love how you started off with that poem and segwayed into the article and then the ad, and then bits of your life. Very versatile writing :)

    Yes, it’s the end of January. Things have been busy my end too…but I feel like the days are going very slow and like I’ve just lived another year :D Wishing you well for the month of February!

    • Thank you, Mabel! It’s funny how days can go both quickly and slowly, isn’t it? Glad you like my versatile writing. Haha. I am mostly trying to get back into writing because that’s the ultimate direction I’ve decided to go. Wandering from job to job without a real goal can be disheartening after a while. Hope your February goes well, too!!

      • Funnily enough, it was a bit of a fast day for me. It’s very odd indeed. I think I’m like you, going from job to job and it’s unsatisfying and frustrating at the same time. I think writing will always stay within you, Jess. You seem to be able to write when you want to. Good luck with that :)

  3. Well, they say if you can combine work with doing what you love then you are golden! Ha ha! …But I know that writing ads and whatnot is not the same as writing about ones own feelings.

    Maybe you can spruce up those works and make them a work of art!

    Put this between paragraph 1 and 2:

    But really…are you going to change? Are your expectations that you will be a completely different person? Maybe you need to really ponder what kind of person you are while you are trudging mindlessly down the ever moving belt that loops under your feet. Ignore the sounds of Lady GaGa being piped into your brain. You need to find things that make you a special person and be happy with the person you are!

    I do not know if this will help your clients or the gym but it might help the people of Placerville!

    Have a good week Jess!

    • Haha, Steve! Thanks. Yeah, I like your added paragraph, but I’m not sure the owner of the gym would. ;) My hope/goal is a masters in creative non-fiction writing, which I could then teach. Writing newspaper articles is not my favorite thing, but at least it’s writing and is movement towards that goal. (That’s the idea, anyway!)

      Hope you’re having a good week, too! Thanks for reading!

      • That sounds like a good fit in my opinion. Your experiences teaching really seemed to resonate with you and that would be a good use of your skills.

        Maybe I could offer a course in creative writing to retired surf competitors or theme park workers. I think I need to think this one out more…

      • A course in creative writing for theme park workers and surfers? Haha, Steve. Although… I know you say that jokingly, but I’ll bet there are more people out there who’d be interested in something like that than you think!! That group of people would have a lot of good stories, I’m sure…

      • I’ll bet! There are interesting sorts everywhere… I know we all start out the same and have essentially the same needs and desires, but sometimes I do wonder where on earth some people came from!

    • Actually, I think it’s just romaine. But I am trying to get more dark greens. I had a spinach and banana smoothie this morning. It was good!

      Send your cold weather here! We could use more rain. :/ Glad to hear you’re well!!

    • My first line originally said:

      “So, I wanted to finish this (Hoss)” . . . but I changed it ’cause I didn’t want to confuse other readers. I knew you’d know what I meant, though. ;)

  4. If “all the while I’ve really been thinking about is in order of importance: #1 this (my blog), and #2 us, your blog followers, then I would say you certainly have your priorities in order!!! ;-) Thank you!

    How have I been you ask? The quick short answer — because it’s almost February — is I’m exiting one phase of life, and entering the next one. Leaving education and my wonderful students, and going back into psych/A&D (chemical dependency) counseling/therapy while obtaining my master’s degree. That’s the short answer. LOL

    The long answer, the answer that is more revealing? Well, it’s too long for a comment box. Guess you’ll have to hop over to my blog to get it. hehe ;-)

    Finding the balance/time between our heart’s desire and the bigger desire to be firmly part of this world, its humanity, and the bigger greater picture or good (service?) and do our part, is a struggle I think that will not end until our last breath. But that’s okay. I think you’ll be just fine Jessica.

    • Good for you for all of the big changes you’re going through, Professor! Switching veins in our careers isn’t always easy but can often be “just what the doctor ordered.” I will get over to your blog to find out more soon. Promise!

  5. Woohooo! You’ve been writing newspaper articles! That is awesome. I can see how you would be the all-star freelancer. There is something very captivating about your writing. Even if it is about cardiology clinics and gym memberships :)

  6. Nice. Reminded me of an old “Doors” song: “People are strange…”
    (Still have the original LP!)
    Have a nice week-end
    Take care

  7. (and another pair of wings…!)
    Just saw a bit of an old, old, old Jimmy Stewart movie the other day, where an angel has to save him to get his wings…
    Be good.

  8. Ha, loved this post Jess ~ it truly covers almost all the wonderful things in life (and in your life)… Brilliant because you just have to keep moving on, because the terrible news is that the older you get the quicker time flies by (at it really does suck!). Take care and don’t forget to enjoy the moment, and then keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ :-)

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