nature has it

After writing about writer’s block the other day, I did my usual. I cleaned my apartment (surprise, surprise), did laundry, responded to emails, hung out with Jon, and decided to “man up” and get over my dislike for riding in the city. I took off on my bike (Jon wanted to go for a run instead) and rode thirty miles up the Berkeley hills — to here.


View from Grizzly Peak

On the backside of the mountain, I saw these guys:


Looking at San Pablo Reservoir. California has happy cows!

And then on my run down by the water last night, I saw this:


The Bay

Nature really does have it, folks.


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      • Oh man, you should definitely try to get out there one day Jess. Over 12/13 I was in Patagonia and thought that was impressive. The South Island might just have been better… Might.

        And as for pictures, this is going to sound really strange, but I don’t take any pics when I go travelling… Don’t ask.

      • Oooh now you have really got my travel lust piqued.

        As for the pics, ya know, sometimes I feel like they’re more of a bother than anything. Sorting through them and editing them for posts like this can be a nightmare. I suspect that that’s not your reason for not taking them, but, still… I could understand. ;)

    • California *is* a beautiful place, Sophia. Well… Parts of it are, anyway. It is a very *dry* place, too, and much of it is desert… I hated summers in El Dorado Hills, where temperatures often soar over 100 degrees in summer. I’m looking forward to experiencing the much cooler climate here in the Bay.

  1. You rock Jess. Glad to see your riding and running and enjoying your new open spaces to the fullest. I too have just begun some riding and the running is on the agenda in the near future. Perhaps I will find fitness suitable for a Duathlon or two over in Folsom in the late season. Who knows. Keep Inspiring my friend.

    • Thanks, John. You rock, too! My bike goes with me everywhere. Running is great, too, though!! I was looking at doing the Folsom Triathlon, half Ironman distances, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off.

      • Finding the amount of training time and dedication to stick to it for a Half IR is just really hard to do these days. Whatever your training/ riding running endeavors are I hope they bring you much enjoyment. That goes for everything else as well of course. Be well Jess.

  2. Stunning photos, Jess. Nature does have it all, and it is so generous and shows off, or share, what it has to us.

    Speaking of cleaning apartments, I am finally cleaning and re-doing my room and will have a picture of it for you soon (it’s been almost a year since you asked!) :)

    • Thanks, Mabel. If you ever come to the States, you definitely have to come to the Bay area.

      And, yes, I’m looking forward to those pics! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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