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Drove two and a half hours to Walnut Creek today to look at apartments and interview for a job. Planned for a one-day outing (I wasn’t even sure what I was interviewing for, honestly — it ‘s a marketing firm; I’m not in marketing!), but then, towards the end, the lady said, “I’m doing short interviews of thirty people today. I can only invite five of them back for working interviews. Why should I invite you?”

Umm . . .

“I’m the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. Right after college, I took an internship that turned into a job, and when I left, they begged me not to go . . . Uhh (I was really fumbling here), I’m a great writer and have experience writing marketing materials. I could convince people that the bottom of their shoes taste good (okay, not really, but) . . . I’ve worked in customer service and like dealing with people (I really have — I’ve been a server and worked in retail). Umm . . . I adapt well to new situations and am a fast learner. In Asia I managed large classrooms of 9- to 14-year-old students, and I didn’t even speak their language!”

While I was talking, the lady wrote a large “B” in red ink on the top of my resume. B? Gulp. Was that my grade? This was not looking good.

Imagine my surprise, then, when a few minutes later she said, “So does tomorrow 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. sound good?”

Say whaaattt?!

“Umm, sure. Yeah, great. Thanks so much!” Meanwhile, my mind was racing. 8 a.m.? Tomorrow? How am I going to pull that off?!

So here I am, several hours and several more apartments crossed off my list later ($900 a month for a ROOM? Are you kidding me?), in a hotel room at Motel 6. I have my disposable toothbrush and travel-size shampoo and conditioner, a new shirt (so I won’t be wearing the same clothes two days in a row), I’m writing this post on my iPhone, and here we go!

Life really is an adventure. Like my friend John said, “Hands on the wheel at all times!”

Wish me luck!

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    • Haha, Alex. Not really. I don’t think I could convince you that the bottom of your shoes taste good. I certainly couldn’t convince myself of that!

      Thank you for the well-wishes. The interview turned out quite differently than I expected, but I learned quite a few lessons. It will be an interesting follow-up — promise! ;)

    • Lol, thanks Elyse. But actually, I’m not!! I HATED selling things when I was a kid. That interview was a joke. But boy do I have stories… and lessons learned! And three far better interviews coming up. I am optimistic!!

    • Stories for gatherings (and blog posts) is right!! You will enjoy my follow-up post (coming soon)… ;)

      Thank you so much! Sorry I’m so behind on reading your stuff!! Life has been crazy lately.

      • Excited about reading my posts? You are too sweet! I’ve been okay, but have been learning a lot in recent weeks. Thanks for asking! How’ve you been?!

      • I’ve been good. Will you be posting about your learnings? And yes, I do get excited. You are an amazing writer, but more than that, your live a full life and that’s always inspirational!

      • I will definitely be posting about my learnings… Things have been crazy lately, so I am way behind on my blog. I got an apartment and have a job interview for a *great* job tomorrow. Then I’ll be flying back to Tennessee and driving across the country all next week. So I may even get further behind!! But thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m really just a simple girl with a big heart and a love for travel!!

      • Oh wow! A lot of things are happening in such a short time. All the best for your interview. If they see you the way I do, you’ll get the job easy peasy! :D Hugs. Have a good time travelling!

      • Thank you, sweetie! And, yes. My life is a little crazy right now… I am actually typing this on a plane… Only got an hour of sleep last night. Yikes!

  1. A new job, a new town and having to stay in a motel room so as to start the new job the day after the interview, is very courageous.
    It’s rather lonely and a bit scary until one gets one’s bearings and until one feels a little more at home.
    Good luck Jessica and congrats, regards James :-)

    • Thank you, James! Luckily, I’m used to going it alone. I’ve traveled in Southeast Asia all by myself!

      As far as the interview went, let’s just say I learned an important lesson. I’ll explain in my follow-up post. ;) Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    • Thank you so much! Getting what I’m looking for is definitely *not* what that job would have given me (if I’d taken it)… But I learned an important lesson! I will explain in my follow-up post. ;)

      So nice to meet you!

  2. Good luck, Jess! I am sure that life has a path planned for you and whatever happens you will be okay and everything will fall into place. I liked your response to the interviewer’s question. You seem to know yourself well, and play your strengths up really well :) Tomorrow is always another day and anything, everything can change at the drop of a hat. Just remember to live in the moment :)

    • Thank you, Mabel! You worded it well: “…everything will fall into place.” Yes, it will! The interview was a joke. I learned an important lesson. (I’ll explain in my next post.) But the good news is that I have three other legitimate and far more exciting interviews coming up. Things will work out!

    • Thank you, Mario. The truth is, the job turned out to be a joke! But I have three more far more legitimate interviews coming up. I will find something! :)

  3. Good luck, Jessica. And wow on your rent quotes. Or yikes, perhaps. The apartment hunting was the worst part of moving short of actually carrying everything ever created into/from the truck. Good luck there, too!

    • Thanks, Matt. Yeah, I’m ready to be done with the apartment hunting. Driving back and forth is getting REALLY old!… As far as the interview went, well… Let’s just say I have stories. ;) My next post will explain!

    • Thank you, Chris. I’m actually not sure luck was needed. A clear head was all that was necessary to realize that this job was a big, “NO!” I’ll explain in my next post. I really appreciate the cheers, though! :D

  4. Very good! Hopefully today’s interview goes just as well. Here’s to an apartment popping up that is not a clunker as well. I am glad I don’t have to think about that anymore! …at least not for a long while.

    • Haha, I have stories about the interview. Today was quite the experience. Let’s just say I didn’t take the job… But I have more interview at far better opportunities coming up! And thanks for the good luck wishes re: apartment hunting. I am ready to be done with that search, too!!

      • Well, I can’t wait to hear about what happened.

        In the midst of my desperation for employment, I went to an interview that was pretty telling even before the actual interview began. So much so that I was praying they would not pick me. The place was a complete dump and the staff seemed highly unorganized.

        I can’t say my current employer is great by any means but they are better than that place at least.

        Anyway, I will be waiting to hear about this!

      • Yeah, that was pretty much my situation here, Steve. I felt desperate and began applying everywhere. Since Jon got a job, I need to find one soon — we can’t afford to live on his salary alone in the Bay Area! Anyway… I honestly wanted to get through that interview just to see if they’d offer me the job and I could have the satisfaction of telling them I’d “think about it” and then, “No!” But it was still a rather frustrating experience.

    • Oh, it was a start all right. Quite the adventure, which I shall share shortly. The good news is that even though the interview was a joke, I have learned a valuable lesson: patience, and listen to your heart. You’ll see… ;) Thanks as always, Randall.

  5. I am so happy to hear this! Call my cousin Tim he has a house in Walnut Creek – but he is a prick – but all my relatives live in the vicinity – u will rock and love it!

    • You have no idea how good it is to hear from you, Hoss.

      Thanks. The interview was a joke, but I learned my lesson. (See my next post for a follow-up.) All in God’s timing, I’m learning, and I have three more interviews coming up!!!

      p.s. You should come visit your cousin –

  6. I loved your post. You are really a genius! Sorry I’m so late on my mail. Had some eye surgery and am not seeing too well.Your answers to the questions just blew me away. I am such a scardy cat in comparison. Good luck and keep me posted!.

    • Thank you, Marie. You are so sweet. I hope your sight improves soon. Did you know I worked in an ophthalmology office for a time? As for the interview, well… Let’s just say it was an adventure. See my next few posts (coming soon) for follow-up!

  7. not quite sure what’s happening, but whatever is brewing, it’s exciting. =) may you feel God’s presence with you tomorrow during day 2 of your interview (or starting your job, whichever it is), may He ease your anxiety and give you peace and clarity for the unknown that lies ahead. =)

    • Haha, thanks Sophia. God gave answers all right!! Today was quite the experience, and I did learn a few lessons. See my upcoming post for the follow-up!! ;)

  8. Impressive! You could show me a thing or two about how it’s done – I’ll be on the job market again myself soon, and I’m terrified because 1. I’m not good at selling myself and 2. I’ve been self employed for what seems like forever… Hope it works out for you. It sounds exciting!

    • You are so sweet, Alarna. Thank you. I have learned a thing or two since starting to look for a new job and place to live. For one, if the company or person renting is too eager, it’s an instant red flag. Only fools rush in! As for the rest, I know you’ll do fine! I’m really not good at selling myself, either. I often freeze in the moment when I really need to shine… Interviews are anything but natural.

  9. I’ve often heard just how high the cost of living is in California comparatively with other states, like Texas. When I was in San Francisco several years back it seemed true eating out, hitting grocery stores, getting gasoline, etc. And the couple we were visiting there confirmed it when they shared their monthly rent — about what you’ve discovered. There’s something to be said when many hotel prices are lower and bigger than 1-bedroom or studio apartments in the same area! LOL

    Nevertheless, congrats on the successful interview! Hopefully you’ll have several good choices to make among employers offering you positions. Lots of well wishes Jess!

    • Yes, California is expensive, and the Bay Area is one of the most expensive parts! It’s crazy. As you discovered in my next post, the interview was a sham, but that’s okay. I was feeling desperate for a job when I shouldn’t have. I actually have a real and good interview for a far better job tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

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