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I’m waiting in line at the drive-thru at Starbucks the other day. It’s a beautiful evening and, after rolling down my window and turning off the radio to order, I don’t bother to roll the window back up or turn on the radio. My mind is a million miles away, but, suddenly, I hear sounds. Zweet-zweet-zweet! I look up. Birds are flitting to and from nests built into the STARBUCKS sign. Zweet-zweet! And then . . . Buzzzzzz. A bumblebee meanders near my window as a soft breeze creeps into my car and tousles my hair.

Suddenly, I know: Everything’s going to be all right . . .

Except, Honk!! Oh sh-t! What happened to the line?!

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

George Santayana


Image: Mine. All rights reserved.

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23 thoughts

  1. Enjoy nature on your own time, there are people in line who have addictions to feed and places to be.

    Nice photo, though… and if you can find tranquility in the drive through at Starbucks, then more power to you.

    • Haha, I know, Matt, right? I was being so rude!

      I took the photo with my iPhone! Thought it was a pretty view myself. We get a lot of nice sunsets at my apartment complex. :)

    • I wouldn’t survive without them, Randall. Then again, I *am* an introvert. I really do think it’s important to tune in to the simple things, though. The simple things are, in many ways, the most important parts of our lives.

  2. Before moving back up to DFW last November from the Hill Country northwest of San Antonio, I had a very close encounter with two female hummingbirds at our bird-feeders. They were fussing over the nectar. For the first time ever I heard their chirp at each other. This went on right in front of me for a good minute or two. Remarkable!

    Mr. Santayana couldn’t be more correct could he?

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