love is sweeter still


I took this on my run the other day. Aren’t they cute?

You’re the one did not exist,
the one I’d never known.
The one of whom the stories list,
but life had never shown.

You came to me, I didn’t see
you ‘pproach or standing there.
I was turned toward history —
destruction and despair.

You didn’t wait for me to turn
around to say “Hello.”
Instead you swept me off my feet
and laughed, “Where shall we go?”

But still I thought of history —
was scared deep down inside.
I saw the way you looked at me,
but eyes before have lied.

But you were patient, soft, and kind;
assured me, “This is real.”
With gentle touch you did unwind
a heart I thought was steel.

And now we’re walking hand in hand
and love is sweeter still,
than storybooks, which do not stand
a chance ‘gainst what is real —

For storybooks, they have an end,
but we’ll go on and on.
There are things you cannot rend,
not even when they’re gone.

For an audio recording of this poem, click here:


Image: Mine. All Rights Reserve

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23 thoughts

  1. “But eyes before have lied”. That line jumped out at me, and I think it’s a great phrase in your poem. Sometimes we can tell or feel some emotion or sparkle just by looking at someone’s eyes, but at the same time the pessimist in us can’t really be sure if this is authentic and only time will tell.

    I really enjoyed this sweet, sweet poem. Raw with emotions both happy and scared. Sometimes it pays to embrace the unexpected, let ourselves go with what life throws at us and enjoy the present :)

    • Thanks, Mabel. I liked that line, too. Actually I edited a few lines since you last first read the poem. I should learn never to post a poem right after I finish it. I always end up changing a thing or two! (That means I have to rerecord it, too. Ugh.) Anyway, thanks as always for reading. And I agree that it definitely is worthwhile to embrace the unexpected sometimes. In fact, I’d argue that that is exactly what life is all about. ;)

      • Re-read the poem. I love it as much as I did the draft. It is always a pain when we put up a blog post and have to change something, isn’t it? So far this has only happened to me a handful of times, and it’s usually due to spelling errors or I forgot to put ‘Continue reading’ on the post :)

      • Aww, thanks Mabel. You didn’t have to. The message is the same. I actually hate going back to look at my past work. Every time I do, I see how it could have been better. I really do hope my writing is improving as I continue to work on this blog!

  2. Great photo and poem Jess. Beautiful “shift” in your writing over time. Still passionate, articulate, pointed, artistic, painting an adjusted image from a new perspective. Keep writing.

  3. Wonderful poem, and while it has a slight edge (but eyes before have lied), it brushes it off for what is real, and the best line: “For storybooks, they have an end, but we’ll go on and on.”

    • It played! Thanks for sharing. That was beautiful. And I can definitely relate to that sentiment. One of my next posts, if not my next post, is going to be on aging. I am just about to turn 30, and while to some 30 is not old, to me it is something of a milestone. Me? 30? I know my boyfriend feels the same way. He just turned 40. I always want to have young blood.

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