cling to hope

Some of you have wondered where I’ve been. I’ve been posting less often, commenting the same . . . Have I given up blogging? Have I given up loving? Am I heartless? Do I not care?

Hardly, friends! Anything but! I do care, and care all the more! It’s just . . . my life has been shifting. To give you a review:


In December, 2009, I moved to Taiwan. My viewpoints were challenged. My perspectives, changed.

I shifted.

cks memorial

At Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan


Friends and I at the “Dog Temple” near Sanjhih, Taiwan

In March, 2010, my parents announced they were getting divorced. My soul was shaken. My identity, altered.

I shifted.


I am ____?

In August, 2011, I moved to Hong Kong. My surroundings were strange. My experiences, broadened.

I shifted.


A back street near Times Square in Hong Kong



Playing “tourist” in downtown Hong Kong

In August, 2012, I moved home to California. My old world felt strange. My senses, heightened.

I shifted.


Riding bikes around Lake Tahoe, June 2013



Skiing last January, when California actually had snow

In October, 2013, I was a bridesmaid in Florida. My “aloneness” was changed. My heart, opened.

I shifted.


Siesta Key in Florida



Wedding rehearsal on the beach


Over the holidays I visited family in Dallas. I saw my boyfriend and his family in Alabama and Tennessee.

I shifted.


An Alabama Christmas



I’m on a tractor!


For New Years, my boyfriend and I flew to California and visited friends in Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe and Monterey.

We shifted.


Waiting for the countdown



Tide pooling in Monterey


Since then, Jon and I have both been job-hunting, and I, writing newspaper articles . . . There hasn’t been time for blogging . . . But my blog has always been right here — inside my heart . . . Just like you.

And so I don’t know what the future holds. It is uncertain, and always has been, and holds gazillions of twists and turns along the way. But that’s what makes life interesting, isn’t it? What makes it exciting? What makes it worth living? What gives us hope?

No matter what you’re going through, friends, cling to hope. There is always something around the bend. The good things make life sweeter, and the bad, us stronger. So cling to hope friends, cling to hope. You never know what good thing might be coming your way.


Images: Mine. All rights reserved.


45 thoughts

    • Thank you, Subhan. And I’m not just hoping. I will make things happen one way or another. My dreams are too big to allow myself to settle. Hope things are going well for you, friend! You’re a big dreamer, too, I know!! :) Jess

    • Thanks, Matt. You’re the best. Who knows, maybe I’ll find work in Colorado! Lol… Mostly looking in California right now, though. It’s time for Jon to get out of the South. ;)

      • The “what i be” project is cool, Matt! Thanks for sharing. And yes, snow home-delivered sounds awesome! I’m in Chattanooga this weekend where it is COLD, and while I wouldn’t want to have to deal with this for months at a time, it IS nice to actually be getting some winter. :)

    • Exactly, Carol. And I really do feel that growth is a key to life. The minute we stop growing, we start dying. I really do believe we always need to be challenging ourselves in order to be the best we can be.

  1. You look so happy in the photos! :D All the best with the job-hunting for the both of you, hope you get something soon. I’m job-hunting myself, had a few interviews in the last couple of weeks but haven’t warmed to anything as of yet.

    Uncertainty will always, always be a part of life no matter how prepared we are. I like how you’re keeping optimistic and holding out hope for the future. With hope, there is optimism. With optimism, we have drive. And with drive, we have courage and with that we make things happen :)

    • Exactly, Mabel. And that is something I didn’t say in this post but have mentioned before and will again: Optimism is important, but so is getting out there and making things happen. The best things are the things we go after and work for; no good has ever come from just sitting around! Thank you for the wishes for good luck. My hope is that Jon and I can get on one side of the country for a while and then maybe go abroad together. He’s never been to Asia, and I’d really love to show it to him!

      Good luck on your job hunt, too! Keep me updated!! Happy weekend! :)

  2. How sweet you are for just checking in. Hope all the shifting finds you in the most peaceful place ever. Hope to see more of you soon. SOOO glad you threw in the Tahoe pic for the Californian cyclists like me. Be well friend.


    • Thanks, John! Have you ridden Tahoe? It’s gorgeous country! And yes, I hope to be checking in more and more soon. In Chattanooga this weekend to celebrate Jon’s big 4-0. ;) Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

      • I haven’t done the lake perimeter ride, but I get up there late summer every year for a week and get my fix of both road and Mtn bike riding. It is my favorite place on the planet to ride and relax. Can’t wait for this years trip.

      • That’s awesome! I think we’re doing the Ride for the Cure this June. It will be my fourth full time around the lake. Maybe I should do the 100-mile option?

      • Your a hammer. I love it. That is awesome. One of these years I will plan a ride for around the lake. Only thing that has prevented me thus far is distractions with so many other great rides up there, and the stretch of road around Emerald Bay during high traffic times. Seems like Ride for the cure would be a good opportunity to do that ride, what with all the other cyclists, support, feed stations, and it’s for a good cause. Love your passion for the bike my friend. Keep Riding. All the best….


  3. You have certainly lived a few lifetimes in this short span, and that is inspirational. I like how you keep chasing the dream, even though it can be a bit opaque at times. Keep trusting yourself ~ and look forward to more adventures and great posts from you :-)

    • An opaque dream, ain’t that the truth. And trust myself. Something that is sometimes hard to do, but that I keep on doing, anyway. Thank you so much for your friendship, Randy. I look forward to more photos and inspirational posts from you, too, and really do hope we meet up in Hong Kong someday!

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