lessons not learned (now learned!)

macbookHave you ever done something stupid and said, “That’s it — never again,” and then done it again . . . and again and again?

I have.

Last night, after putzing around on my blog for several hours, I decided to wipe down my MacBook before heading to bed. I am a clean freak, and while I love the sleek design of most Apple products, the fingerprints and other marks that love to show up on my screen drive me nuts. Well, I got out my Windex (I ran out of electronics cleaner a while ago and keep forgetting to replace it), sprayed it on a soft napkin, and then proceeded to “Cypherize” my computer . . . Only there was this one smudge that wouldn’t come off. I rubbed and rubbed . . . It was late, and I was tired, and in my impatience, I decided to use the Windex bottle to spray the spot directly. I did, and wiped it and the rest of the keyboard squeaky clean, and “Wha-la!” I went to bed and forgot all about it . . .

Until this morning. This morning, my keyboard freaked out.

The computer appeared to be running fine, but when I opened the notifications box on my blog, the highlighter began scrolling the notes endlessly and wouldn’t stop. I didn’t know what to do, so I turned the laptop off and left it open for several hours, concerned but hoping it would dry out.

It didn’t.

Tonight when I got home, the keyboard, though slightly improved, was still acting screwy. On my brother’s advice, I drove forty-five minutes to a Mac store where a girl named Allison with spiked hair and a hundred piercings in each ear cheerily told me, “Sorry! All of our technicians are booked until Saturday.”

Gee, thanks. Happy Halloween to you, too.

And so now it’s a waiting game. My computer currently sits, turned off, open, in a corner in my room. (I’m typing this on my dad’s computer.) I can’t imagine that it’s not fixable, and yet it definitely has me worried. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve done silly things like this before . . . And why oh why (I ask myself — again) didn’t I learn from them?

And so my friends, although I’d hoped to get out a poem tonight — perhaps a spooky one in time for the holiday — I must instead, computer-less, leave you with this:


Happy Halloween! I hope you had a delightful day in a spooky way!


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37 thoughts

  1. It will be a frantic time until November 25. Apparently, Mercury is retrograde until then. I had about 10 gallons of water on my kitchen floor three days ago. And I live on the third floor. I am still waiting to see how bad it is: If the walls buckle, etc.

  2. Hahaha. I’ve done it all. Sometimes the poor little things recover, other times not so much. One permanent Note To Self: Do not, ever, under any circumstances (again) place laptop on floor directly beneath bed :( :)

    Hope your little one recovers. Maybe it needs some warm soup?

    • Haha, John. Thanks! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my silly mistakes. I’m not sure if my little one will recover. Turned her on briefly today and no improvement. Hoping the doctor (tech) can work magic her tomorrow!

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Soooo been there. There’s a book somewhere here in the library that I once spilled an entire mug of coffee on, and then frantically tried to clean for hours. Never got charged for it, so maybe I did a better job than I thought. Or, perhaps they still look at me secretly as I go by, thinking to themselves, “Stay out of the splash zone…”

    Oh, and apparently Halloween is not the time for anything to happen quickly. Waited on a pizza for two hours last night; who knew Trick-or-Treaters didn’t want to cook for themselves when they got home?

    Here’s hoping the little guy pulls through. :o)

    • Thank you, Vance! Glad to know I’m not alone. I’ve spilled a thing or two on a book before, too, though thankfully not a library copy… Your comment about “the splash zone” reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend last night. Inside jokes are what make the world go ’round! Or at least sometimes what make getting through a work day more bearable. :)

      Yes, Halloween seems a bad day for service. The lady at the Apple store told me they were having some sort of launch today so were more backed up than usual. Grr. I’m getting really nervous!… I can’t afford a new computer right now!

  4. I can screw up my computer keyboard on my own even without windex!!..On my Blog Halloween true story when my Mom slapped together a Halloween outfit.. less spooking or scary ..maybe a “lil” strange..lol (super monster with a cape)

  5. Putzing…there’s a new word I learnt today! Hope your laptop gets fixed soon! I hear that putting a wet laptop in rice dries it out, but I’m not too sure about Windex. Hope you have a good holiday and weekend :)

    • It’s funny, Mabel. I had to look up “putz” to make sure I was remembering a real word. The English language can be funny that way! And thanks for the thoughts about my laptop. I have a really sick feeling in my stomach about it right now. Here’s hoping that tomorrow the Apple tech will take that feeling away! You have a great weekend, too! :)

  6. Techie Jessica!

    Cheer up! There are people who have not learned their romantic lessons… People with several wives and a dozen or so kids.

    What’s a faulty computer compared to an extensive family?

    As to me, I’m quite sure I wasted days of my life tagging and arranging my iPod music collection.

    Wet wipes next time!

    • Haha. Way to put things in perspective for me, dear Vincent. But I’m not sure I’ve learned my romantic lessons, either. Best never to fall in love, I say! And yet how does one turn oneself completely into stone?

      I hate tedious tasks such as arranging music collections, or even pictures. And yet we sometimes need to do those things, too! Grr.


      Oh, yes. And wet wipes it is!

  7. If it was a handphone, i would suggest burying it in a jar filled with old rice. several friends have tried it. it seemed that the rice absorbs moisture thus drying out your set. i hope your mac turn out fine soon. and btw, i’m guilty of repeating offenses too, lol… :D Happy weekend ahead.

    • I’ve tried the rice thing with cell phones before, too, Sam. And it has worked! Alas, I fear no magic I know could fix my laptop this time. I’ll have to rely on someone else to help… Silly, silly, stupid me!!!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, too!

  8. Gah! you would think a company like Apple would have more techs to help you out, Somehow i doubt the techs are out trick o treating instead of being at work :P but hey! lol

    • Haha! I would have thought so, too. But I guess they just launched a new iPad yesterday, so their schedule’s been nuts. I’m actually at the store with my computer now, and it’s crazy!!!

      Thanks for reading and the comment! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  9. I advise you to purchase a box of the LCD screen cleaning pads (the wet and dry combos) and use these on the rest of the computer as well. They work great, and they don’t contain liquid that can actually hurt the electronics.

    Regular cleaners contain regular water and will mess up anything electrical that it comes in contact with :( You need to use deionized or distilled water and vinegar or iso-propyl alcohol to clean computers to be safe.

    • You are so right, Børge. I will do that next time. I am never again going to use liquid of any kind to clean any of my electronics. This is day three without my laptop, and I am starting to get annoyed. I feel so lost without my computer, and I really, really, *really* hope that fixing it doesn’t end up being expensive!

      Thank you for the excellent advice. Hope you’re doing well!

    • Thank you, Andrea! The computer’s at the shop. Hoping everything can be fixed under warranty and that I don’t have to be without it for too many more days. It is making life *so* difficult! And no… Sadly, I didn’t go to any Halloween parties this year. Haven’t been to any in a *long* time, actually! Most of the people I know here are married with small children and do the kiddie trick-or-treating rather than the adult have a good time thing! Did you dress up? Hope you had fun!

      • No, I’ve taken the last few years off, and I think it might stick! :) I enjoy seeing others dressed up, but it’s just one of those things where the excitement has faded in way of my participation!

    • Haha, Myles. Well, I guess at least I’m not the only… Thank you for making me feel better! :D

      Kidding. Sorry about your phone! And hope we’ve both learned our lessons now. ;)

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