the bad blogger


One of my first views in Florida, not far from the Tampa Airport.

It’s been funny, these past few weeks, not writing regularly on my blog. I feel like such a bad blogger. A good blogger — one seriously committed to her readers and to growing her blog — would have written posts ahead of time and scheduled them to appear at regular intervals during her absence. But not me. Those of you who know me well know that that’s not how I operate. I’m spur of the moment, genuine as can be, or not at all.

And so here we are: Two posts in . . . how many days?

I’ve missed my blog — and you. Writing is such a huge part of my life. And yet . . .


What kind of blogger reads while waiting for her ride at the airport instead of blogging on her iPhone? A bad one!

It’s been good to live away from my blog for a few days, too. Good to think without writing, to ponder without sharing. Not that I’ve been thinking deeply or found many profound things to say. This trip has been crazy — visiting New Orleans, participating in my good friend’s wedding, taking long walks on the beach (beneath the stars, of course), catching up with old friends . . . I’ve even extended my trip to this next Sunday so that I can visit Chattanooga. I can’t wait to revisit my old stomping grounds . . .

But with so much activity, there hasn’t been time for deep thoughts and great writing. It’s been good, and yet . . .

I can’t wait to get home so I can catch up with all of you! :)


Image: Mine. All rights reserved.

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56 thoughts

  1. I guess it would be inappropriate to say that you need spanking – you bad blogger you.
    So I won’t. That was someone else who hacked into my account.

  2. Enjoy your travels Jess, let it refresh your mind and soul :-) I head into the China countryside later today, so I too will be out of touch for awhile ~ and look forward to getting away from tech for at least a little while. Take care.

    • Have a safe trip, Randy! I look forward to your photos and thoughts when you return. And you’re right – there *is* something refreshing about getting away from technology for a while. Best to you! Jess

  3. It’s always good to have a holiday and time for yourself. You get to see and experience more things that you can write about! If you stay in one spot and keep writing and writing, you’ll run out of stories to tell…and words too. Have a good trip and talk soon :)

    • You’re right, Mabel. Travel is fuel for writing, though I do feel life in general is good for that, too. But getting out of your regular comfort zone is always a good thing! Hope your week is going well!

    • You are so right! Writers have to keep moving and experiencing life. There is only so much vicarious experience we can put to good use. And Jessica, if you are a bad blogger then I am atrocious. Have a great day!

      • Lol, Matt! You are far from atrocious! I’ve just been trying to post every two to four days, so two tiny posts in more than two weeks (not to mention not being able to keep up with everyone else’s stuff) just seemed sad! But I absolutely agree that we have to go out and experience life to able to have anything worthwhile to talk about, anyway.

        Hope you’re having a great week! :) Thanks for your comment!

    • Thanks, Matt. You’re awesome. I was obviously being a bit facetious with this post…but a little serious, too! Hope you’re feeling more settled in your new place now!

      • I saw you reading a big book like that on your trip in your photo and thought that you might as well edit and send a few résumés. Interested employers usually respond within a couple of weeks. There should have been some news by now.

        Are you trying to land a job at grade schools teaching kids Beowulf? You may love it while discovering the next great American poet.

  4. New Orleans and Chattanooga are two of my favorite cities. Only two hours from Bourbon Street. I seriously want to live in Chattanooga, it is so charming. Blogging should take its place as second to travel besides. Have fun.

    • Thanks, Johnny! I do agree that writing should be second to living. Living is what gives us perspective and things to write about… And I *love* Chattanooga, too! I’ve missed it so much, and I really enjoyed NOLA! Hope to make it back there someday, too. Hope your week is going well!

    • Haha, dear hatted boy. I am serious all too often — you know this! And the book is “An Instance of the Fingerpost,” by Iain Pears. The sad part is how long I have been working on it. I’ve been trying to set aside more time for reading recently, but it is hard.

  5. What!? Say it isn’t so! You mean to tell us that you’ve ABANDONED your 24/7 life in front of a desktop or laptop blogging!? *looks feint while grasping for a chair, desk, wall!!!*
    You have a life!? A life OUTSIDE of this pseudo-make-believe realm called the blogosphere!?

    Pfffffffft, I don’t know HOW I’ll go on in life now that you’ve completely torn down and dismantled my little happy delusion! *mean mean grimace* ;-)

  6. Funny how that happens, right? Every time I travel I think, “oh, what a great opportunity to blog from the road…” Yet there’s ne’er enough quiet time. Travel safe.

  7. Precisely, Benjamin. Especially when you’re visiting new places and seeing old friends — those experiences need to be your focus! I suppose it feels funny to take my focus off of my blog for a few weeks because my blog has become such a big part of my regular daily life.

    Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week. I look forward to catching up with your posts and paintings soon!
    Best, Jess

  8. Time and place for everything I guess. Imagine how your friends would feel after not seeing them in ages and you were talking about your blog and telling them to wait because you had to write some posts.

    I haven’t heard any thoughts about the grand state of Florida. My sister lives over on the side you were at…in St. Petersburg. I like to head over there once in awhile to relax.

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Lol, Steve! Yeah, I definitely didn’t want to go see friends I haven’t seen in years (literally) and be like, “Sorry, gotta get my blog on!” It was SO awesome to catch up with people, even though I missed my community here.

      I’ll be writing about Florida soon, I hope! I’ve actually been there several times over the years — to Orlando, Tampa, Miami… It’s too flat a state for my taste, but it sure does have beautiful beaches! There are wonderful things about everywhere. :)

      Hope you’ve been well! I forgot — in what part of the state do you live?

      • I am in Orlando. Thankfully I am at a great place to rush over to the beach. You are right too. This place is very flat. The weather is doable but the best thing I like about Orlando is that I am close to a nice airport. It makes leaving easy!

      • I’ve visited Orlando a lot! Liked it but not the traffic… Glad it’s not far from the beach, though. My friends in Tampa love hitting up Siesta Key.

      • Siesta Key is good. My sister lives in Seminole just on the far side of the intercoastal waterway. Indian Rocks Beach and Sunset are my favorites. Just more laid back and not run down like old St. Pete is. I don’t mind spending a day out there at all.

      • Sounds awesome. The wedding (a different friend’s) was in Siesta Key. Next time I’m out there I’ll have to call you up and you can show me around! :D

  9. bad blogger? there is such a term in your vocabulary? lol.
    you are on vacation, woman! by all means, please enjoy it! run! roam! explore!

    and when it’s all over we’ll be eagerly reading the posts to follow. =)

    • Thank you so much, Sophia! You’re such a sweetheart. I was only half serious about being “bad,” of course. It just felt weird to be away from my blog for so long!

      Thanks for your continued friendship and readership! It means the world. :)

  10. Bad blogger? No, I’d rather have something from the heart than something by regularity. Take your time, Jessica, it’s worth waiting for. Enjoy life and share it when it’s time. Gorgeous picture by the way.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. That means so much. I fully agree about preferring posts written from the heart rather than for the sake of regularity. That’s why I’ve never been able to create posts on a schedule. My heart just doesn’t work that way..

      And I’m glad you liked the photo! It was such a pretty scene. :) Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Haha, Walter! I know! I was “bad” for a while. Taking a step back from my blog for a few days was good for me, though. As I begin making steps towards the next phase of my life, my blog will begin having to find a new spot in my life, anyway. I really *have* been spending a lot of time working on it this past year…

      You stay blessed, too! And I love your new Gravatar image, by the way! Hope you’re having a great day. :)

      • Thanks a million!
        Welcome back! I am having a great day. Thanks for asking. Hope you are too… A new spot for your life – sounds great. I look forward to it. See you on your blog.

  11. I completely understand where you’re coming from Jessica, I’m with you. Sometimes it’s nice to just think without expressing. Recently, I’ve found that I’m back to good old fashioned hand writing in my journal. It feels good to just express in the way that’s most authentic to you.
    Take the breather, don’t worry about the labels, there’s no such thing as a bad blogger. Different strokes for different folks, right? :)

    • Hi Andrea! Sorry for my late response. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things at home! :)

      It *is* nice to be able to think without sharing. We need to be able to do that sometimes to have something worth sharing, anyway… I haven’t written in a journal in a LONG time, but I agree that it’s an excellent thing to do!

      Thanks for your encouragement. I know I’m not really a bad blogger. Some of those “different strokes” depend on your goals for your blog, too. The way I see it, my blog is an expression of thought and a place for discussion and community. I’m not only out to promote my writing, which is what some other bigger bloggers want to do.

      Thanks for continuing to follow along! I’m still hoping to make it back to Korea someday. We’ll see… Hope you have a great day!

  12. Jessica, I so hear you on this. I have gone down to posting once a week (I used to blog or post 5 times a week). However, as it sounds like you already know, it’s good to take a break and not blog just to blog. The guilt, however, is sometimes harder to deal with. Remember, your readers will be here for you whenever you post!

    • You’re so sweet, Steph! And I’m glad you’re giving yourself a break. Five times a week is a lot!

      My blog has been funny because it’s gone from really just being an outlet (that I really expected no one would read) to a true community of friends. I guess that’s part of why it felt funny to be gone for so long — you are all a part of my social life! But it was good, too. I fully agree that we should *never* blog just to blog. We all need time away… But I *am* glad you didn’t give up on me while I was away!

      Hope you’re having a great week!

  13. Yep, like the scores of people above, I think unique, thinking person’s writing voices (like yours) should flourish and reap rewards even if they commit the unthinkable: reading in an airport! The shame! BTW, I’m way overdue on this, but I’m adding Shift to my WordPress Community Blog Roll even though you’re not directly a training, outdoor sports, or fitness blog — more importantly you’re an outdoor sports and fitness enthusiast, so there!

    • Aww, Mike. Thanks so much! One of these days I’m going to redesign my site and include a blog roll — and your site — too. I definitely *am* a fitness enthusiast! I haven’t mentioned it on my blog yet, but I’m going to be running the Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco this weekend. Yikes!

      Anyway, thanks for your continued friendship, readership, and support. The best part about blogging is meeting awesome people like you! Hope you’re having a great day. :) Jess

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