see you . . . soon!

Dear All,

I miss you. What? How is that possible? I don’t know, but it’s true.

Funny that my little blog has become something of my home. I share my thoughts here, and you respond. You tell me that I’m not crazy. For that, I owe you everything.

A few weeks ago I proposed a regular Friday section focusing on travel. I should have known better. I can’t even get myself to bed on time let alone post a weekly section on time. I’m sorry. I do plan to write at least once a week about travel, though. I just can’t swear that it will pop up in your “Reader” section at a specific time.

This Friday (yesterday) I took a day trip to San Francisco. The weather was perfect, and I got to drive over the new Bay Bridge, a white, sleek monument to modernity that stands in stark contrast to the dark metal contraption — the old bridge — beside it. I broke the law and took a few pics for your benefit while driving. ;)


photo 1

The new bridge to the left and the old on the right.


photo 3

See the pretty blue sky? :)


photo 2

I’ve heard it’s really cool when it’s all lit up at night.


In about seven hours, I will fly to Los Angeles and then on to New Orleans where I’ll spend a few days with a friend who is in residency at Tulane. From there, I’ll head to Tampa to be a bridesmaid in another friend’s wedding, as well as to see an old college friend who I haven’t seen since New Years 2009! It should be a fun trip — it’s my first time off the west coast since moving home from Hong Kong (other than my grandparents’ funerals in Ohio) — but all of that to say I may not be able to post as regularly or reply to comments as promptly as usual for a time. For that, I apologize ahead of time (I’m sorry!), though I must say I’m excited to see what new blogging material my travels bring to mind.

Much love to you all! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



49 thoughts

  1. Have a great trip :-)
    Thanks for the hugs. I appreciated them – I am still fairly flatout, but waiting on my big contract to be signed – then it is totally flatout (and, if not, then plenty of golf).

    • Thanks, Pat! It’s been good so far. New Orleans is unlike any other place I’ve been!

      And I am definitely crossing my fingers for you. I understand being flat out. After this trip I’m going hunting for a second job!

      Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  2. I had no idea there was a new bay bridge… haven’t been there in 5 years. I hope you get some good pics in New Orleans – it’s one place that I’d like to visit… I know what your thinking – I’ve watched too much Treme. It’s true.

    • Yep, there’s a new bridge. They’ve been working on it for forever, and I guess there was some drama right after it was finally finished because the bridge was already eroding? So much for modern design, haha. But it sure is pretty.

      I haven’t gotten any pics yet, but I will! My friend lives in an apartment in the middle of the city — right next to the old projects (which are being torn down) and the cemetery where Tennessee Williams and Louis Armstrong are buried — so I won’t have to go far to get some great shots.

      I’ve never seen Treme, but I’ll have to look it up! When I arrived yesterday, I was reminded of how long it’s been since I was in the South. Definitely a different culture here!

    • Thank you so much. You’re so sweet. It’s already been interesting! (New Orleans is a pretty special place…) I’m looking forward to hearing more about your latest adventures, too!

  3. I should have read this before asking elsewhere.:o) Have a great trip! New Orleans is an awesome city, and the people there are wonderful.

    Nice pictures, by the way. I’m pretty sure I would have ended up in the Bay if I’d tried to pull that off.

    • Lol, taking pics wasn’t so bad. Though I’m still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with my iPhone!

      When I landed yesterday I was reminded of just how long it’s been since I’ve been in the South. Definitely a different culture here!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend, Vance! :o)

  4. It’s funny, I was just having a conversation with a blog-friend about the significance of new and old bridges! I hope you have a wonderful trip and bring back lots of goodies you can post about :) I shall look forward to your return Jess.

    Ishaiya x

    • Thank you, Ishaiya! That’s a good point — new and old bridges — could be a lot of symbolism there…

      And, yes! Arrived yesterday and already enjoying a lot of new experiences. My friend lives in the middle of the city beside the old projects (which are being torn down) and the cemetery where Tennessee Williams and Louis Armstrong are buried. It’s a neat city! :)
      Best, Jess

  5. have a great trip Jess, and be sure to take plenty of travel notes so nothing is forgotten!
    Your concerns about your weekly commitment made me laugh because I often have the same issue with my weekly post, staying up until midnight in in effort to post before my deadline! Truth is, even our most loyal followers wont hold us to account for a late post. I hope!

    Take care, enjoy, and I will look out for your next posts, late or otherwise!

    • Thanks, Simon! Taking notes is a good idea. And you’re right about the deadline. I’m just happy to see your posts and photos every time they pop up in my Reader section or email. So, yes, don’t stress yourself out!

      Hope you had a great weekend! :)

  6. No need to apologize, just have fun when travelling. And, my, are you jumping around from one place to another! Must be exciting to see old friends again. The pictures from San Francisco are great. I look forward to you next post – whenever it comes.

  7. I am sorry that I posted too impulsively. Here is the revision. Note that the continuity of her laughs matters, such that I can compare them to a wink vividly. I misspelled “brook” to “brooke” previously, too, because of the town and the street called Sherbrooke close to where I live. It reads better now.


    A brilliant smile behind her eyes
    That speak her lips that touch
    Hides not at all her soul that sighs
    Of fears in me too much.

    A beaut’ful mind atop her nose
    That tells the subtlest scent
    Not from within a budding rose
    But of my heart so meant.

    Her hair a brook flows down her cleave
    Along the curve its shore
    So that my eyes would never leave,
    Always to want for more.

    She bursts to laughs so fair and bright,
    A wink to speak my heart
    Of hers in me to never bite,
    A tongue so sweet that darts.

    Though mountains move and oceans dry,
    Her genius never dies.
    She takes my heart through lows and highs:
    It’s here alone I fly.

    • One more, from “brook” to “creek” for the sound effect. Note that “down” is stronger than “flows” to deliver the impression of moving water.

      That’s it. If there are more revisions, they will be updated at my blog only. I am sorry about 4 comments in a row.

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