fall is coming


I’m riding my bike beneath the ink sky. The air is cool and my jacket, thin. I shiver. Glancing up, I see dust and glitter — the Milky Way. I turn off my headlight and pedal in darkness. Brighter this way.

Suddenly, I see him. To the east, just coming up over the top of a hill — Orion!

I squeal.

Fall is coming.


“I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.”
Vincent Van Gogh


Image: nakedeyeplanets.com

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38 thoughts

    • Indeed, Poul! I love getting out in the evenings as the day starts to cool down (in summer). I *love* the night sky. And I like this photo, too! I can’t take credit for it, but I’m really glad to have found it. It was perfect for this – Cheers, Jess

    • Ah, yes. I will be so confused when I finally make it to Australia! Summer in winter and winter in summer… But it will be a good confused. ;) … After a cold winter, I’m always ready for spring, too!

      • I think we all like the changing of seasons! Not sure I’d do well in a place like Antarctica where it stays cold year round…. Even being near the equator is a bit hard for me. So humid, and, really, the seasons are much less varied than they are a little further to the north or south… I like the Van Gogh quote, too… Happy Spring, Mabel! :D

  1. Beautiful photo, nice quote and you have put your words are short but effective. Lovely short post. Enjoy the fall. We are still enjoying monsoon here :)

  2. And as we near Thanksgiving, the comet ISON will be quite the spectacle just after sunset! Then through December into New Year’s, Venus “…fills the southwestern sky for 3 hours of bravos after sundown in early December, and 1.5 hours after sundown by New Year’s Eve. And if that were not enough, a crescent moon will pass above and to the right of the goddess Dec. 5th and on the 6th she will give her grand finale! She will not be as spectacular again until 2021.”

    Then Dec. 13 – 14 we will enjoy the Geminid Meteor Shower, which astronomers and meteorists claim will be even more brilliant than our annual Perseid showers! Exciting time of 2013, eh? :-)

    • Indeed! And thank you for all of this wonderful info! I will now have to refer to your comment to know when to pay extra special attention to the sky over the next few months. ;) I assume you have beautiful clear night skies where you live, Professor?

  3. “I’m riding my bike beneath the ink sky” … I like that.

    I love fall, but I always feel anxious when it approaches because I know winter will be following soon after, and I’m scurred of winter (Montreal winters are brutal!)

    • I can imagine! To be honest, I don’t know how well I’d do living in a place with brutal winters and a lot of snow. I enjoy cold but tire of fighting it. Thankfully, the winters here aren’t typically *too* bad… And yes, I too love fall. The changing leaves, the crispness in the air after months of hot, dry heat… It’s my favorite time of year. :)

    • You touched on something I *almost* mentioned in this post, Benjamin. The most enjoyable thing about the time I have spent beneath the stars this past year has been watching them rotate through the sky. Until this year, I’d never really noticed Orion rising here, and then here, and then here, and then here… As far as navigating by them, though, eek! I have a lot to learn. I too love fall! Best, Jess

  4. Agree, there is nothing better to me than a change of seasons…a whole different set of colors, smells and I always like to think new opportunities as well. And with Orion’s belt sweeping over the horizon, my favorite time of the year arrives and with this post, I think it is going to be a glorious autumn for you… Cheers.

    • Fall is my favorite time of year, too. That’s one thing I missed in Hong Kong. Without the changing of the colors of leaves, and perhaps only a few mild days between summer and winter… It was also very hard to see the stars where I lived. Hence, the night sky has always been one of my favorite things about coming home. :)

      But I like that — a whole different set of colors, smells, and, yes, opportunities. I agree. I suspect it will be a glorious autumn for you, too! :) Jess

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