empty streets

moonlighted2Empty streets, and she awake,
the one who walks alone.
She will not the world forsake,
and she’ll do it on her own.

There’s a love, it is an ache —
it’s all she’s ever known.
While her love the world did take,
to her, it’s never shown.

Not to say the world’s a rake,
or one she would disown.
But the moonlight makes her quake —
it’s here her heart is flown.


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Image: Pinterest

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31 thoughts

  1. She moves in an ellipse, not a perfect circle, as herself fasting of green and blue, she waits for the one planet she orbits to share it. When will the thoughts (people) of that planet be one on the subject?

  2. A sad poem, but also such a poem about life… The feeling I had with this poem, as Sam mentioned, was unrequited love, which is a part of life (and often love of things that cannot reciprocate…nature, freedom, a corporation, etc…). With people, it is not necessary to worry about unrequited love, as just the fact of me being in love is pretty cool. Great finale: “But the moonlight makes her quake — it’s here her heart is flown.”

    • The craziest thing about poetry is what different people can pull out of it… I can definitely see the thoughts of unrequited love coming from the middle stanza, but, really, this poem was about anything but. It was intended to be on a much more universal plane, which could go along with the idea of the love of nature or other things you mentioned… You really think unrequited love with people is cool, though? I think it’s one of the most painful experiences possible… But I’m glad you liked the end. I did, too. :)

      • Perhaps that is what makes a good poem, people pulling out what they want.

        Unrequited love? Being in love is cool… I think unrequited is a bit irrelevant. Sure, it is frustrating but unless it is an absolute obsession, it is life. You live. You love. You learn and recover. I guess it is my thinking to more about what you love, than worry about if others love.

      • I see… And I agree. Love is a powerful force and one worth that makes life worth living, no matter its outcome. In fact, it’s about the only thing that makes life worth living. Unfortunately, though, the number of people who take love to obsessive heights is actually quite high…

        Anyway, thanks again. Your feedback means so much! :)

  3. If it were requited, then probably the fickle heart would consider it unrequited with someone else at some fickle moment in which relationships unravel but none worthy are founded. Sometimes it’s good to take a little Marcus Aurelius with us into the harvest moon nights, LOL. After whose stoic wisdom was heeded, a person could simply enjoy a yogurt out on that bench with the fragrant rose petals all aloft. Sometimes those petals lead to a sound, good night’s sleep, the poet awakes refreshed, then writes her classic. “What light through yonder window breaks?”

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