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Sketch by Matthew Curry

Something I didn’t expect when I started blogging was a) that anyone would actually read what I wrote, and b) that I would make true friends through my blog. Some of you have been following me for a while now, and I too have been following you. I value all of you sooooo much, and for those of you that are new, I’m sorry if I haven’t had time to stop by your blogs yet! When I first started blogging (this blog really took off last October, though technically I started it much earlier), I tried to stop by every person’s site who either “liked” or left a comment on one of my posts. These days, as my readership is growing, it is getting more and more difficult to do so. There is only so much time in a day!

Recently, a friend and fellow blogger was a dear and sketched a picture based on one of the images in “i love . . . me?” Matt is a very talented writer and artist, so I thought I’d try to bring his work to your attention today. (Thanks, Matt!) Please check out more of his work at The Chia Pet Circus.

In addition, while I am excited to see that my numbers are growing, I know I have A LOT of room for improvement. I’d really like to get more readers involved more of the time. As such, I’ve created a poll and wondered if you’d be willing to help me out by letting me know what you think.

Thank you! (And you and you and you and you . . .)



*Feel free to leave feedback in the “comments” section, too. :)


47 thoughts

  1. I voted “Talk more about travel” just because you haven’t lately. Honestly, I think you’re doing a fine job. I’m glad that you mix things up.

    p.s. If you stop posting poetry, I will pout for a very long time (I may even threaten to hold my breath until you post some).

  2. Honestly I couldn’t vote because I think you’re doing just great being you and sharing the many aspects of yourself. My vote is to just keep doing you (hope I’m not being too indecisive).

    • Not at all! My hope is to get feedback of any kind. So, thank you! (And I hope you liked my last comment on your site… We, too, just want to know more about *you.*) :)

    • Thanks, Jason. I feel the posts in which I am the most vulnerable are the ones in which I’m able to be most effective. Of course, I don’t share *all* of my secrets, but I am always very real. You can count on that. ;)

  3. Hi,writing about what you like the most, family life, decency, truthfulness, life’s journey, dreams, ambitions, motivation. Key to happiness is success, and success is key to happiness. jalal

    • Thanks, Jalal! “Key to happiness is success, and success is key to happiness.” I like that… And all of the things you listed are things I enjoy writing about, so I guess we’re in good shape! Thank you so much for reading and commenting and helping me. :) Jessica

  4. I agree with Jason and John! I voted for blog more consistently just because I look forward to your posts, but I know it’s hard to write every day.

    • Aww, that means a lot to me, Sreejit! Thank you! I am definitely trying to write more regularly, and only let two to three days go by between posts, but sometimes it’s hard. I really appreciate your work, too, even if I don’t always comment. :)

  5. Yeah, gets time-consuming and, if one has a day job that feeds, it all can get overwhelming at times. I find that two to three posts per week are just about the right number of posts to keep the fires burning – that is if posts are beyond say 300 to 400 words. Happy blogging.

  6. Nice post Jess. I kind of wanted to abstain as I feel that everything is fine as it is but ended up choosing ‘blog more frequently’ or perhaps on a schedule (not for everyone I know)?

    As I for one have no idea when you post anything and only ever pick things up by looking for hot chicks’ faces when I’m scrolling through my reader!

    Interested to know if you receive any negative feedback on the look of the site (as a fellow Chunker)…

    PS – I was going to email you but no need now. I was planning on highlighting a few ‘gal-pal’ blogs in my next piece and as someone I place in that category, thought I’d ask if there was any post I should go for.

    My piece is going to be a spoof online dating number so if it could tie in with that, it’d be handy. But no worries if not.

    PPS – Are we having some sort of party when you hit 1,000? You might have to pay for flights if so. But I’ll definitely be there; thanks for the invite.

    • Hey there,

      I finally wrote you back. (Sorry it took so long!) If I could blog on a schedule… That’ll be the day hell freezes over, unfortunately. Inspiration doesn’t always come when I want it to. :/

      Mostly I want to make a few updates to my site’s appearance relating to font, etc… I’m really picky. Wish I were a Web designer. Haha. But I too like the general look and feel of the chunk theme.

      The closest I’ve come to online dating is this blog, lol. Haven’t written much about love other than via poetry for fear of who might get their hands on it! But I’ll see if I can come up with something. When’s your next post coming out?

      And a party for 1,000? Hadn’t thought about it. But if I had one, you’d *better* be there! Maybe when I hit 10,000…

      Thanks for your feedback. Means a lot. :) jess

  7. Great idea Jess! And in addition to “blog more about cultural similarities & differences from your travels (or someone’s)”, no surprise… I enjoy a variety of topics, too, not just 1 or 2. That’s my ‘Marco Polo’ side speaking. ;)

    Whatever you come up with will be successful!

  8. Love your blog and writing (travels, recent stories, poems) a lot. I’ve only been following your blog for a short while, but from what I’ve read so far you always have something insightful to say. Definitely see the passion in your written words…keep up the good work, keep writing :)

    • Aww, that’s so sweet, Mabel. Thank you. And I really feel you’ve been a faithful reader for a while now. Don’t sell yourself short! I am definitely passionate about what I write. As soon as the passion goes out, the flame leaves the words, and what’s left is dead and dull. And who wants to read *that*? Thanks again! :) Jess

  9. I am not certain why some people here feel obligated or semi-pressured to blog and publish several times per week.

    I just seize whatever creative spark and run with it. So no I don’t publish that many times per month, but have several future blog posts in the hopper/cooking away/waiting in line. Sometimes I can hardly wait to release some of the little birds. :)

    For myself, it’s better for me to aim for quality, not quantity. I also want to respect my readers/visitors who barely have time themselves!

    Happy blogging adventures.

    • Amen to quality over quantity. I feel the same way. I guess that’s why I’ve never really pushed myself to post every day… Like you mentioned, I have a hard time keeping up with blogs that post every day, anyway!

      And I know what you mean about seizing that creative spark. Without that, my posts fall flat. So they are definitely worth waiting for! Happy blogging adventures to you, too! Best, Jess

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