beyond the walls

AWIn all the halls
and through the walls
my harried thoughts are singing.
I hear them there
and over there
like finches they are winging.

I think of you,
and you and you,
and, oh, the anguish stinging.
For every time
you seem sublime
I only end up wringing.

And so it is,
I’m only his,
the one who me is flinging.
And so I’ll go
where no one knows
and meet you there in clinging.


“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” ― Rumi


Image: Angkor Wat, Cambodia (mine)

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35 thoughts

  1. There’s always something in your words to touch my heart….!!! Sometime sweet~ sometime sad~sometime deep~sometime loving~ sometime something beyond words…
    Love this sweet poem Jess…!!

    • You’re so funny, Sam! I’m glad you are rapping. It *is* a sad poem, but it’s more than that, too… It’s… pensive. Pondering the place beyond the walls.

      Thanks for commenting! Sorry it took me longer than usual to respond. :(

      • Have a great weekend Jessica! Don’t ponder too much over past events. Keep the lovely memories and move on. Life is made of time so make good use of it. :D

      • You’re such a sweetie, Sam! Don’t worry, I’m not fretting too much about the past. For the first time in a while, actually, I’m getting very excited about the future. There is much to look forward to… And who knows? Maybe someday I’ll go to Singapore and get to meet you! :D

      • I’m getting excited just hearing you are getting very excited. Pray tell in good time ;-) It would be such a pleasure to meet up if you’re here! :D

      • I will tell in due time! Still trying to sort things out. :) And I definitely hope to make it to Singapore at some time in the next few years. We’ll see!

        Hope your weekend is going well! :)

    • Tonight’s project? How do you mean? I’m glad you liked it… I was happy with the way the flow turned out. :)

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Sorry for my late reply. :D

      • Oooh, that’s wonderful. I would really love to learn to dance… It would help me in so many ways. Grace has never been my forte!

        Thanks again. And if you ever do choreograph this, I hope you’ll share! :) Jessica

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