the watchman

moonAnd as by day the sun doth shine,
by night, oh moon, you are but mine.
For whilst the world around me sleep,
I walk alone and you doth keep.......





.. Image: Google

35 thoughts

  1. The Mistress of night gives you company . . . !!
    You are not alone . . . My thoughts are with you
    I like you writing poetry … You are too good now, dear…!!
    Love your work.

    • Thank you, Harsha. I was walking alone (as I often do) through a cool breeze beneath the beautiful moon… Such moments always make me feel poetic…

      Thank you for your continued readership and for commenting! You are very sweet. :)

  2. that’s nice .. i noticed, jessica, every time you give a very different and very nice post .. that’s very good .. i like to read your post ..

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear that. Sometimes I worry that I’m too all over the place with my writing and that that will frustrate readers… So it’s good to know that you like the variety in the things/topics I write about!

      So nice to hear from you again. Thanks as always for reading! :) :) :)

    • Haha. You got me. I was too lazy to give photo credits when I posted this. (It was late.) No, it’s not my photo. Didn’t mean to take credit for it… I do have some awesome shots of the moon in Taiwan that *are* mine, though…

  3. Love this poem. I was listening to some research that none of us sleep as well during a full moon. Something about our rhythm is thrown off. This poem is beautiful!

    • Really, Terri? That’s interesting! I personally love the full moon. A new moon is nice because then the sky is dark and it’s easier to see the stars… But the moon, and walking/running/riding/basking in its glow… For me (melancholic dreamer that I am), there is nothing better. xo jess

    • It is, isn’t it? I’ve always loved the moon… I remember being surprised that it and the same stars watched over me in Taiwan as did at home. There I felt I could have been on an entirely different planet… And now I’ll have to look for that song! :)

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