mirror, mirror

mmMirror, mirror on the wall,
couldn’t you just make me tall?
Thinner, too, yes, that’d be great,
with abs of steel to compensate . . .

For all I lack (it is a lot),
maybe then I would be “hot,”
worthy of the magazines,
so full of pretty, lovely things.

Or what if you just made me blind—
could we then be of one mind?
For no matter how I try,
what I see just makes me cry.

After all, you know it’s true,
looks are the important view.
It matters not what lies inside:
Beauty isn’t one to hide.




65 thoughts

  1. Have you ever listened to Lily Allen, The Fear, It’s Not Me it’s You? I don’t know which is the album title and which is the song. I love her sarcasm and irony. I don’t think you knew this Jessica but you were always one of our favorites (Ken and Me) We knew you before kindergarten. You would come clamoring into our car all ernest, glasses, innocence, honesty, laughing and serious all at once. You are beautiful and I don’t mean just on the inside. :) When I watch foreign flicks it’s interesting how they cast people that we as Americans do not typically find beautiful. You know too big of a nose, or no jaw, or a fat butt but somehow as the story evolves you grow attracted to the person and forget about their so called imperfection actually start to find them appealing on a better level I love that about foreign films. Thanks for the poem I’ve loved it.

    • Thank you, Terri… Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. It means so much that you read and take the time to comment… Yes, I have memories that go way back with you and your family. I am honored to know I was one of your favorites… It’s funny to look back and remember the little girl I once was. I barely know her anymore, and yet she’s there, inside of me… Her heart is still mine, even if her perspective has changed a million times over…. I love foreign films, too, and for the reasons you just stated. That’s what makes people beautiful, honestly. Everyone grows on you if you give them a chance. There is so much beauty inside of us, although not everyone chooses to develop it… It’s a hard world we live in.

      Anyway, sorry this response is all over the place. I will have to listen to that song. I imagine I’ve heard it, but I can’t place a finger on it right now. Thanks again!


  2. What’s sad is that this is how most girls/women feel these days. Those magazines have ruined what is really important; the inside of a person. Beautiful poem – professional quality.

    • Thank you so much…. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.. It *is* sad. I don’t know any girls who don’t fight it at all. Some struggle more than others, but we are all affected. Thanks again, and thanks especially for sharing your thoughts. Best, always!


  3. Hehehe… loved the poem and somehow although it seemed to be a complaint, it sounded chirpy. I could almost rap to it! Btw, I’m short but adorable. You should have more positive thinking my very beautiful and talented girl, Jessica ;-)

    • Yes… It was a complaint—against society. But I’m glad you thought it sounded chirpy! When I write, I’m always looking for flow… And, yes, you *are* adorable! And thank you… :) jess

      • Do not place too much on pleasing others or the society with the impossible. You are smarter than that. Since it is impossible, why waste your precious time? One can never get back time. It is true that beauty gets door opened but to step inside, you need more than skin deep :D Stay faithful to your true self. You will find life easier to live than the lie you will be trying to take on for that world. But why are you trying to please the world? There are deeper issues… I used to be very obliging and almost servile and I realised I’m only going to please some and piss some at some point and never never please all at one go so this is the real impossible – you just can’t please ALL. Since you can’t please everyone all of the time why don’t you try pleasing yourself for once. It worked for me btw. I’m glad I stopped trying so hard. I’m much happier now :D

      • I’m so glad, Sam. You seem like a happy person, and I want that, too! You’re right that happiness is something that radiates from within… Staying true to ourselves is the most important thing in the world… And yes, beauty that is only skin deep is no beauty at all. Youth fades… If we place all of our value it that, we will be in big trouble in our older years! Lol. Thanks so much for this reminder. You are wonderful! :) jess

  4. Another lovely poem from you! It sounds very pleasant despite its narcissistic message. Here I am reading your posts on a Sunday night, eating an M&M chocolate bar…a good heart is the most beautiful form of beauty. Hope you had a good weekend, and have a good week ahead :)

    • Narcissism is such a harsh word, Mabel. You really think this is narcissistic? I can see why it comes across as a girl (in this case) being quite wrapped up in her appearance, but I personally wouldn’t take it so far as narcissism. Rather, I see it as a struggle of the mind with/against unrealistic ideals placed on women (in particular) by society…

      But I’m glad you called the poem lovely! And I see you must have finished your 100-day chocolate fast. I myself am not much of a chocolate lover. But gummi bears or frappuccinos? I’ll take them any time! Hope you’re week is off to a great start!

      • Yes, narcissism is a hard word. I’m sorry if I offended you :( It’s unfortunate sometimes, some girls blindly aspire to look a certain unrealistic way.

        Yes, I finished my chocolate fast. I recently completed a 100-day chocolate fast. Now I can eat all the chocolate I want on this exhausting Monday night! I will give you gummi bears if you come to Australia :)

      • No, no. It’s fine. I just didn’t think it fit quite right… Thank you as always for your lovely comment, though!

        And I definitely plan to visit Australia, hopefully within the next five years. If you’re still there, I’d love to try Australian gummi bears! :) I want to see koalas and kangaroos, too!

  5. GET A DIFFERENT MIRROR Jessica, because that one is defective! ;)

    You’ve touched on a subject and debate that has gained popularity in the last few years, especially among women, when things like Abercrombie & Fitch declare “no plus-sizes” or the age old long-legged C+ bra-cupped blonde Barbie being replaced with the modern shorter, heavier Barbie to reflect the average woman; both have sparked heated debate. Why so much outrage? I personally see and understand both sides. Neither side will win or lose….it’s just a reflection, to coat-tail on your wonderful post Jessica, of our society’s norms/trends amplified in our mega social media to the masses. Oh well…

    I know this: I much prefer women who love themselves inside AND outside AND take good care of BOTH! Great poem Jessica!

    • Thank you, Professor… I’ve seen the thing about the “new” Barbie, though I hadn’t heard about A&F’s no plus sizes. It doesn’t surprise me. I think that men often see/feel this issue differently than women… Not that guys don’t feel pressure to work out and worry about how much they can lift and getting a six-pack and all that. But… The difference, to me, is in the make-up of men and women. Men are much more visual than women, hence the objectification of women’s bodies… This makes it hard for even confident women to not compare themselves to what they see on TV or whatever, and to feel truly valued for what we all *know* is most important: our minds.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Means a lot, as you know..

      • But this world, this existence is everything BUT patriarchal!!!!! I want to scream that from the rooftops but it has been done many times in history. I SO look forward to the day when this world population realizes that male-egos are actually a “smoke and mirrors” attempt to compensate! LOL

      • Well, that’s a good point. I have to admit I haven’t thought much about the male ego recently. Both sexes have their side to the story… And I *am* grateful that I don’t live in a patriarchal society. I wish I could say that for all of the world… Thank you, Professor..

  6. This is awesome Jessica — so ‘reflective’ of a huge issue rooted in our contemporary societal value system… the emphasis place on external appearance is just way out of proportion. Beauty truly does come from within — and I think “self-love” (which always precedes love of others, world etc.) is the root of true beauty. We are all mirrors for one another in my own humble opinion. Your poem is excellent – if we were all blind … imagine what beauty would mean… Brilliant my friend! x Robyn

    • Thank you, Robyn… I couldn’t agree more that the most beautiful people I meet are those who radiate beauty from the inside—the ones who are comfortable in their own skin. It’s enviable, honestly, and a sign of strength in a society of marred values… But your comment about what the world would be like if we were all blind—sublime! I hadn’t honestly thought of it that way, but it is SO TRUE. What a world of a difference there would be if emphasis were taken off of appearance and placed on things that truly matter, like character and love for others. Thank you thank you for your meaningful comment. I hope you’re having a wonderful day! ~ jess

  7. I absolutely love this. So many women (men too) live with these very insecurities that you so eloquently expressed. The post puts the shallowness of society due to ‘keeping up appearances’ right on the front line. I love the ‘blind’ line – this was deep, true, and awesome!

    • Thank you so much, Charlene! And I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! Yes, we live in a largely shallow world. It’s sad… And the funny thing is that, deep down, we all know it, and yet we still find ourselves fighting not to buy into it… It would be an interesting world if we were all blind, wouldn’t it! Certainly would change the way we view others and ourselves!

      Thanks again! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. :)

    • Thank you, Andrea! Yes, it was honest… But at least I know I’m not alone. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! Hope you’re having a great day. :)

  8. This poem is such a great mirror of the world… The value that society places on beauty is immense, and while people may disregard it by saying ‘it’s what is inside that matters’ – which is true! at least I hope so :-) It is the biology in all of us that is attracted to beauty, and beauty makes that first impression very powerful.

    My two favorite lines, first one of what should be only to be contrasted by the last of what is:

    “Or what if you just made me blind—
    could we then be of one mind?”

    “It matters not what lies inside:
    Beauty isn’t one to hide.”

    • I’m glad you liked the poem… Obviously I was being facetious by saying “It matters not what lies inside…” But that *is* the impression we often get from society. As you said, people disregard it and know, deep down, that it isn’t true, but it’s hard, sometimes, not to buy into it. You’re also right about our biological attraction to beauty. I read a while back about studies that have been done on babies where they are shown pictures of very beautiful and ugly people. Unmistakably, the infants are always drawn to the beautiful faces… But that’s why I say in my next poem that beauty lies “somewhere down, deep inside.” As my friend Terri pointed out, the more we get to know people, the less we notice any physical imperfections they may have.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. It means the world.

  9. Must have missed this one on my feed. I think it’s my favorite of yours so far. Very artfully stated, especially the last two lines: It matters not what lies inside: Beauty isn’t one to hide. I absolutely love that.

    You are talented as well…:o)

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