for all that you are

My beautiful picture

My mom with Derek . . . and fire!

For all that you are,
and ever will be,
I’ll love you forever,
Happy Birthday, Mommy.


My beautiful picture

We’re twins!

My mom was my Nana’s 30th birthday present, three days late. After remembering my Nana’s birthday a few days ago, I couldn’t let today go by without mentioning my mom. (Love you, Mom!) . . .

It’s funny. My blog has often gone differently than I had anticipated. I thought I would zone in only on travel and my experiences abroad. Some of you are far more focused than I. I’ve discovered, though, that my best writing comes from within, and from human experience—which, as we all know, is hard to define, and shifting all of the time . . .

Perhaps my blog isn’t named so badly, after all.

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22 thoughts

  1. This is who you are Jess…no need to go beyond your thoughts.. whatever comes within just let it flow through your words… I love this…
    By the way – To your sweet Mom… H A P P Y ~ B I R T H D A Y

    • Aww, Kazi. You make me feel better. Sometimes I feel I ramble too much… It really is true, though, that our blogs reflect who we are… And thank you! I will tell her what you said. :)

    • Well, “mess” is certainly the right word for it, whatever kind of mess that is. Thank you! I think we’re all a little bit messy inside. That’s what makes us human. :)

  2. On first look from the reader, I did a double take. Your mom reminds me of Princess Diana, lol… I don;t know if she does to you. Tell your mom I said she’s beauuuuuuuuuutiful :D

    • She’s been told that before, Sam! There was definitely a big resemblance when she was younger and had her hair cut in a similar fashion to Diana’s… I will tell her what you said! Or maybe she’ll read your comment herself… I hope you’re having a great weekend! :)

  3. Yes – “Shift” perfect name Jess… and this is a beautiful post– happy birthday to your mom – I love the photos :) ~ Your mom is stunning. I agree -the best expression of art is from deep within the most genuine self — perfectly stated! :) x Robyn

    • Thanks, Robyn! Yes, so long as we are true to ourselves, the rest will all fall into place… And I’m glad you like “Shift,” too. It just seems applicable to everything… Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! :) jess

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