seeing double (or, the airport)

sfoThe airport,
(oh, curs-ed place),
where dreams forgot
are woken—
where all’s amiss,
remembered bliss,
and I, its long lost token . . .

The airport
(oh, bless-ed place),
where winging worlds
are lighted—
where dreams unfold,
of tales yet told;
and lovers, reunited.

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22 thoughts

    • Thanks! And, yes, they can! Delayed flights are a bummer, but airports themselves are full of so many interesting people from so many interesting different backgrounds going so many different interesting places. I particularly love international airports. ;)

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! You’re too kind. :)

      • Me, too! The best part about travel is the people you meet. It is hard, even, to separate that from destinations. Our interactions with people in a large part help shape our view of a place.

  1. Have you seen the fabulous movie The Terminal with Tom Hanks? Highly recommend it if you haven’t. Hanks and that movie reminded me of how international airports can be fantastically fun places. :-)

      • Lol, no worries! I *have* seen that movie—some time ago now. You’re right, it’s a great movie, though I felt so sorry for Tom… I might rewatch it now that you’ve reminded me of it… Glad you liked the poem, too! :)

  2. I love the stories untold in airports, thousands of people jetting off to exotic locations or just going home to their regular lives. People leaving everything they know behind or on their way to a new adventure. Celebrities trying to go unnoticed, other celebrities not trying at all. They are still a magical place full of wonder, the day that changes I know i’m flying too often :)

    • Indeed, James! I’m particularly blown away by the number of different kinds of people that international airports bring together… Fascinating. A perfect place for people watching. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever travel so much that airports would ever get old. (Unless, of course, I’m sleeping in them. Most uncomfortable night of my life was in the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.) Cheers!

      • I once was had a trip that went astray and I was mad and decided to show them (the airline industry) that I did not need to take their advice and get a hotel room for the remainder of the night. Besides, it was 12:30 and my flight left around 7:00. Time to show them who was the tough guy!

        Funny how at around 2:00 a.m. in the Panamanian airport, that two events took place. The air conditioning seemed to drop down by about 5 degrees and the canned Tejano music seemed to increase by 2 levels in the terminal. Mix that in with an uncomfortable set of chairs and cleaning crews and my night was shot. Maybe one and a half hours of sleeping tops.

        Never doing that again.

        And I really liked your poem!

      • I know what you mean. One of my most uncomfortable nights EVER was in the Bangkok International Airport… But it was easier and cheaper than getting a hotel, and I knew I’d be able to sleep once I reached Hanoi… so, overall, I’d say it was worth it. But I wouldn’t do it again either unless I had to!

        Glad you liked the poem! Thanks for staying in touch. :)

  3. This is just great — considering the synchronicity here… all the things happing at one time in one place but yet all disconnected from each other… of course I adored the last line ~ “lovers reunited” is always wonderful!!!! x RL

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