the world from above (for real)

When viewed from above,
this world that we love,earth2
seems awfully small,
though we thought it tall . . .

And all of our lives,
just busy beehives,
like rats in a race,
pursuing the chase.

And all of our dreams,
not rivers but streams,
all flowing to naught—
or that’s what we thought . . .

And all of our stress,
a frivolous mess,
like vapors in wind,
and yet we feel pinned?

And all of our love,
around us a glove,
where right conquers wrong—
a beautiful song.

When viewed from the end,
I’m with you, my friend,
what matters the most:
Of love, can you boast?

Image: Pinterest


35 thoughts

  1. ooh.. i’m so glad you finished the poem, i was eagerly awaiting the rest. i liked how you changed the 2nd stanza to include “rats in a race, pursuing the chase…” it describes well our human society, how we are constantly competing, trying to out perform one another, trying to gain glory/honor/achievement/power/recognition or whatever the prize may be…

    i enjoyed this, thanks for sharing it =)

    • I’m so glad to hear that, Sophia. I’ve actually edited it quite a bit even since I published it; hopefully I’m done now. ;) But, yes. The rats in a race seemed a good analogy here, even if it is a bit cliché. I also think “pursuing the chase” is a good way to sum up what life often feels like. Like we’re hardly even in the race but simply chasing it. The silly things we humans do and think important…

  2. I liked this because I think “we” or should I say “I” am always stressed because of what others are thinking about me. This kind of puts things into a perspective I need to think about. Thanks again, Jessica.

    • Hi, Terri. I’m glad you got something out of it. :) John and Karen Cress actually did the memorial service for my Nana this past weekend. In their eulogy, they talked about how death is a part of life and that, by thinking about death, it can actually bring our lives into focus. We’re all going to die. So what are we doing while we live? If we’re living according to our own consciences, others’ opinions are only so important. ;)

  3. “And all of our lives,
    just busy beehives,
    like rats in a race,
    pursuing the chase.”

    Such a beautiful imagery! Loved it! You spin your words with such a sweet fiber… it’s a treat reading them, always. :)

  4. I like it!

    After my mother passed away, I was driving and just looking from the perspective of someone who just lost someone close to them. The people rushing by me. The posts on Facebook about people complaining that the service at the convenience store was not fast enough for them…and for me…my mother was gone. But I realized that to them these frivolous things were a pox on their lives and it was really a complete waste of time.

    As you know, after you come back from a near death experience, you are supposed to take every last second by the reigns and do incredible things. Well, I have yet to understand what this is to entail for me. Until then, I am just trying to remain a positive person. It has taken little effort and I feel better not engaging in a race with no finish line.

    • Amen. I can really relate to your thoughts. I’m just often overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of humanity, and then the vastness of the universe by comparison. Seven billion people… And I am just one. My personal universe somehow seems a lot less significant when I think about the bigger picture. I fully agree that the best we can all do is to try to be positive and do our best within our tiny spheres… It’s not a bad thing, though, to remember that bigger vantage point. It helps one remain humble.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

    • Thank you! You are so sweet. I really like seeing the world from above. It really does bring perspective… Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. :)

      • Thanks :) You’re right it does bring in fresh perspective on how everything is shaped and what’s contained inside, I like that! :) Wishing you a pleasant day! Peace!

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