on and on you go

dress3From here to there and everywhere,
on and on you go.
I hear you there, or is it there?
Your face, you’ll never show.

O’er sea and over mountain,
continent and plain,
in Africa and Asia . . .
The world is your domain.

Sometimes you get angry,
you howl and growl a lot.
You know it is quite silly—
I’ll not move from my spot.

But when you’re sweet, you’re lovely;
you caress my soul.
Your fingers full upon me,
you can take me whole.

And though I cannot touch you,
on wings you fly me high,
to places where I knew you,
under another sky.

Tip: Read aloud. ;)

Image: Pinterest

28 thoughts

    • You know, I had a hard time coming up with a title for this one. It’s actually about the wind. But don’t feel bad! I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. Poetry can be about whatever you want it to be. :)

    • Thank you for liking it! I had my hesitations—still feel certain things don’t flow the way I want—but overall I’m happy with it.

      I love the feeling of the wind of my face.

  1. Enjoyed the poem. I thought it was about the wind, and knew for sure when it was howling and growling. The picture was the kicker. One of my favorite memories is from when I was a little boy, probably five or six, I used to lie beneath a bush when the sun was beating down and relish the wind on my back and the rustle of the leaves. My safe place. I always go back to it.

    • Your safe place sounds wonderful. I have memories like that, too…

      Glad you were thinking wind. Was hoping I hadn’t led everyone astray! Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts!!!

  2. I couldn’t figure this one out, and I think I’m usually good at that sort of thing.
    Still, I loved reading this poem! Absolutely brilliant! And not to sound ridiculous, but these words were fun to say. :)

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