the visitor

paintmoon3Here she comes o’er top the hill,
robed in dewy, beauty white.
Seeing her, it is a thrill,
she’s always such a pretty sight . . .

And when she comes,
we mark the clock;
beneath her glow,
in whispers talk.

And wish we that
she wouldn’t leave,
but stay with us
just one more eve.

But on she goes,
and there she’s gone.
And we, alone,
at break of dawn.

Image: Pinterest

22 thoughts

  1. There was a partial lunar eclipse last night (Apr 25th); not sure from your vantage-point you saw it? Way too cloudy here for us. :(

    We were kind of on the “same page” our last posts, weren’t we? Cool! Now, to go read your “What Orion Said”!

  2. Wonderful poem Jessica, you got a god-given talent for writing and I am happy you are using it here so I can read it! I am excited now as I am going to my American prom here in Nebraska tomorrow! :) I hope it`ll be fun and go well!!

    • Thank you. I guess one thing I’ll always be is passionate—about almost everything in life, but especially about the moon. ;) Blessings to you, too!

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