little birdie

54_SPARROWS ON WINDOWLittle birdie out my window,
Chirping, calling, “Come and play!”
Can’t you see I want to join you—
Work, I must, this day away!

But when I’m through, I promise you:
Nothing here could make me stay.
I will find you through and through,
We will play the day away!

Image: Pinterest

30 thoughts

  1. Hey, little birdie, when you’re done, come with us! Not just play, we’ll sculpt the light and slap the thunder, and we’ll cuddle the moon and kiss the sun! :-)

    Take care, Jess, many blessings and much love to you ♥

  2. Temporarily living in the Texas hill country (Kerrville) where there are a plethora of beautiful birds, one in particular the Painted Bunting. We have several different feeders and bird baths that attract them all, including wide range of wildlife too — it’s a ZOO sometimes!

    Nevertheless, I’ll need to share your poem with my mother; she’ll love it more than I did I’m sure. Hope you’re having a super weekend considering your previous post. :)

    • Wildlife is pretty awesome. I had a good time even just looking at photos of birds while trying to find a pic to go along with this poem. I love seeing the different kinds of birds in different parts of the world, too. Things we all take for granted.

      I hope your mom likes the poem. My previous poem was an act of nostalgia more than anything—no worries. I’ve been working on freelance stuff all weekend. Will actually be much relieved when this weekend is done!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend, too. :)

    • Thank you, Joe! That is very sweet of you. I’m sorry I haven’t visited your page more, as a matter of fact—I’ve been so busy I haven’t visited anyone’s! Thankfully that will soon change. Your nomination means a lot to me. I will try to act on it soon.

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