Forgive me, my friends,
for my absence.
The week charges on,
and I’m worried!
I’ve freelance to do,
and there’s work to be done,
so though my heart’s here
I am hurried!

24 thoughts

    • Thank you, Subhan. Your patience means a lot! It’s obvious in all of your posts that you’re doing what *you* love, too—and that’s wonderful. :)

      • A man has to do what his heart tells him to do, Jessica. Other than that are either greed, jealousy, cowardice, or vanity. Have a pleasant evening, may the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart, Namaste, ♥

  1. No! You must be in front of your laptop/computer/iPad/iPhone/Smartphone (did I miss one?) 14-hours a day, answering all our needy Jessica-lisms! Then when you’re sleeping have your clone answering us! ;)

    • Lol. Well, not sure that *that’s* going to happen. But I’ll do my best to stay in touch. Thanks so much for your interest in my blog. It means the world to me.

    • It’s terrible, isn’t it? I propose a 30-hour day. Not sure where I’ll get the extra hours, but… Actually, what I wish is that I didn’t need sleep. :P

      • Yeah but I think it’s a good sign that we want more hours cuz some lazies probably don’t use theirs efficiently. Ha, yes sleep is an inconvenient must ;)

    • Thanks, Sam! Blogging is far more fun than freelancing (at least what I’m working on now). But I get paid to freelance… Haven’t set my blog up to try to make money yet. That’s not the point. But maybe someday.

      And, yes, Professor Taboo is silly!

  2. Patience is a virtue. Sometimes things can overwhelm you. It is that time that you find out what you are really made of. In the end you will persevere. Take care.

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