roaring-twenties-picture-3I often stop and think
standing in a crowd,
when nothing seems in sync,
everything, just loud.

When everyone is talking—
nothing’s being said.
When everyone is moving—
pieces being led.

When light is eery shading:
scenes are black and white.
Familiar faces fading;
distant, lost from sight.

Yup, I don’t belong here,
anyone can see.
If only . . . Never mind, dear.
Time for me to flee.

60 thoughts

    • Chose the picture afterward. I usually write about my experiences and choose artwork to go along later. Sometimes finding the right picture (and editing it) can take longer than writing a poem itself. I’m glad you liked it!

    • Thanks, Arash. That means so much. I feel this way a lot, actually. Has something to do with my personality and where I am in life. I don’t mind… Best to you, too :)

  1. I figure it’s time I commented and helped an angel out with wings. :)

    As to this post it struck a chord with me as I have spent a lot of time the past week or so thinking along these lines and planned to write about it when I’ve the time. I think you may have given me a starting point.

    Have a great week Jessica!

    • “…when I have the time.” I know what that’s like. I’ve been meaning to talk about several things recently but have been fighting to find the time.

      So glad this struck a chord with you, and I’m glad you decided to give an angel a pair of wings, too! Best regards :) Jessica

  2. my dear Emily Dickinson – this reminded me of one of my favorite – Some keep the Sabbath – I feel the way your poem expresses quite often. So I stay on the ranch –

    • Thanks, Nate. That line was originally different. Something about looking for a door near. But, somehow, “if only…” seemed a better fit.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you have a great week. :)

    • Nah. Just introverted. Also feel disconnected from people who can’t relate to my experiences abroad—and to whose stories about having kids *I* can’t relate, lol.

  3. Nice Jess, I started shifting my perception slightly, where I just observe by taking myself out of the equation. There’s such perfection and harmony when things are just as they are.
    Everyone dancing in sync, speaking/ singing as in an opera, great love is felt as I am part of the scene, blissfully doing nothing at all. ♥

    • I’m glad you liked it. And, yes. It’s easier to feel peacefulness in such situations when you yourself take no part in it at all. Thanks so much for your comments!

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