sailThe heart doesn’t lie,
knows what’s to be done.
So though my lips sigh,
escape there is none.

The mind likes to drift,
on seas none can find.
Creating a rift,
‘tween body and mind.

Or is that the truth?
Could the opposite be?
The mind is the sleuth . . .
The heart out to sea?

Image credit: Pinterest

51 thoughts

    • You should try it! You might find yourself surprised. I didn’t think I could write poetry, either. Haven’t tried it much until recently… And there’s nothing wrong with “the cat sat on the mat!” Haha! :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. Interesting turnaround at the final paragraph, making me more confused, lol… what’s on my mind and in my heart? I give up sometimes. Nice one here, Jessica. this will be my food for thought for today… is it my mind or my heart that rules?

  2. your poems are at once confessional, lyrical, and symbolic … and like their author, beautiful. tony

    • Thank you, Heath. I’m still debating the middle stanza. Not sure I love the way it flows with the whole. But overall I’m happy with it. And, yes, the last two lines made me happy. Thanks for reading! Hope all is well with you and your little ones at home! :)

      • No judgement on the beginning, just for the record. Just really liked the end. Littles are doing great. Back to their birth weight already. I appreciate you checking in on them. Online community has been very encouraging…definitely adds to my life!

      • No, no. I didn’t feel you were judging the beginning. *I* am! Haha. I am always my own worst critic. So glad to hear everyone’s doing well :) And I feel the same way about my online community—which is something I didn’t expect!

    • Thank you! That’s a good question. I guess I was just thinking about what it is—our hearts or our minds—that really rules the things we do and how we feel. We know we need to be doing something else, but something is holding us back. What? Why do we procrastinate?

      Sometimes, for me, I think my heart and mind are actually the same all the time—they just don’t communicate very well.

  3. Nice post, I think in general humans haven’t evolved enough to control the wondering mind, like I read one can direct our thoughts to move and arm, open your eyes, etc. so easily, but when we try direct our own minds like saying: “This has to be done” the mind goes, mmm, nah maybe later…

    • Thanks, Daniel. I don’t know if I agree our minds wander because we haven’t evolved enough, though. I think they wander because we *have* evolved. We are rational beings able to process multiple things at one time. We can rationally know we need to do something but emotionally know that our real priorities, our heart, lies elsewhere. It’s finding the balance between those two things, and prioritizing them in a way that truly reflects their importance in the “bigger picture,” that makes us different from robots or “less developed” things. It’s what makes us beautiful.

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