So you can fly? So what? So can I . . . uh, I mean . . .

I got to thinking about my last post. Why is it that we resonate with B.B. so much? Is it that he’s superhuman? More than fifty albums and a gazillion hits is pretty herculean.

But, no. That’s not it. If he were superhuman, we wouldn’t be able to relate to him. That’d be like saying, “I love Superman because I can fly.” But we can’t fly. In fact, the only reason Superman works is because he’s actually Clark Kent, and Clark has his downfalls, too.

The best villains are those we feel sorry for, and the best heroes are people just like me and just like you.

And that, I think, is our clue.

B.B. had a talent. As a kid, he had rhythm. He had rhyme. He had a voice. And, most importantly, he had a song. His song was his passion, and it was his passion that carried him through. Eighty-seven years and he’s still singin’ and playin’ his heart out. And he’s loving every minute of it.


Clark Kent’s a goober—just like me and you (images:

And that, I think, is our second clue.

Everyone has a talent. Some of us have a few. B.B.’s was music. Michael Jordan‘s was sports. Einstein‘s was science. Shakespeare‘s was words . . . Clark Kent could fly. Monet could paint. Tom Hanks could act . . . You can _____. I can _____.

The people the world remembers are those who had a talent and went for it with everything they had. They went for it because they loved it. And because they loved it, people loved them. Their talent had become their gift: the world was a better place because of them.

Can you imagine a world where everyone was doing what they loved?

20 thoughts

  1. it’s being human, and embracing your gift, and one more thing: letting the world know what it is. if i don’t know your superpower, then i don’t know how you can help me (or i can help you). tony

  2. Good one jessica. I think we were all born for greatness and that’s why we identify with super heroes. I think finding out what that means for each one of us is the hard part. Have a great day

    • I agree that finding our potential for greatness can be hard. Circumstances play a larger role in life than I sometimes wish to believe. And what if our dreams conflict with others’ in our lives? It’s a complicated world we live in… And that’s why we need superheroes. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love this post… I truly believe we are here to use our strengths and talents to serve others. “We are only great when we act from passion!” Other people can see this or at least sense it on some level if they are looking for it, as you say. You always know when you’re with someone who loves what they do. My hubby and I were watching a news story this morning about the young lady who was killed by a lion in California. It broke loose from its cage at the wildlife center/zoo she interned at. Her family was told it was a quick death – relatively suffering-free. Her father showed great strength when being interviewed, saying that her daughter was truly doing what she loved and the last couple months of her life were the happiest. He had never seen her so happy. My point is, this girl who went after her dreams gave her family great peace to know their daughter was happy and living out her purpose, even if she was taken far too soon.

    • I saw that story but hadn’t read the details yet. So sad. But you’re right. It makes a difference that she was doing something she loved… It just makes sense to me that we were given talents for a reason, and that life was meant to be enjoyed. Too many people settle for less than what they love.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. “Can you imagine a world where everyone was doing what they loved?”

    ‘I think to myself what a wonderful world’ –Louis Armstrong

    • Hey Lucas, no, I haven’t seen that film. I’ll have to look it up. That’s a cool thought, though… Interesting when you think about the worldviews and ideas that are subtly woven into films… Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. True, so true. But then I just wish I had that one unique, great talent that would make me soar to the sky…. let’s say, that of paul McCartney’s. What’s going on in his mind as he composes his music?

    • I don’t know. What’s something you’re really good at, though? Whatever it is, it should come easily to you… Like breathing. When it flows and it’s easy and, most importantly, it’s fun, *that’s* when you know your true gift.

  6. indeed, it’s not enough to love something. one must chase it, one must fight for it. Thank you for this wonderful post. It inspired me to write something about the same matter. :)

    • Ooooh, really? I will look for your post! I think there would be nothing better than a world full of people something they love for a living. But, yes, no such life comes easily, and not everything we love counts (such as drinking beer or lounging by the pool, lol).

      Thank you for your comment!

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