the way to happy

What I really want is to go back to bed. To crawl back under the covers and hide there. Or else wake up and find it’s no longer humid and that there aren’t gnats all over my floor. And that that bright red spot on my face has faded away.

That’s what I want.

But life isn’t about getting what you want. Some people think it’s about what makes you happy, but I’m not sure it’s about that, either. Sure, it’s good to be happy, but at what cost? The long, warm shower I took this morning might well have emptied the reservoirs of malnourished children living in Africa. Maybe it would have been better to have just splashed my face with water and run out the door?

And what is happiness? Is happiness living in comfort and having everything you need? Or is it helping others get what they need? Is it getting or giving? Is it from within, or from without?

Honestly, I think it’s both. The best Christmas present I ever received was the feeling I got from giving gifts away. This life can’t be all about me, or all about happiness. This life is about so much more: it’s about loving others, and learning to love yourself.

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  1. Jessica, this is maybe the best piece you have written, not only in style but in content. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there for us to read.

  2. Happiness is a choice. A possibility to live in. It most certainly is self generated, but can be prodded or prompted by the world. And one can certainly create the space where it is easier for others around them to choose happiness. Wonderful post.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I fully agree that it’s a choice. Yes, outside factors can influence how we feel day-to-day. But, ultimately, we are in control… I like your thought that we can create space for people around us to choose happiness, too.

  3. There are really varying degrees and realms of happiness, and Love. If one wants to find the Truth of Life, to transcend what/who one is in order to touch the Great Beyond that lies deeper Within oneself, and Everywhere, then one must be willing to let go of the lesser forms of happiness which come from simply fulfilling superficial desires, and take the Leap and risk everything to Grow, to Become, to Battle for a higher state of being within oneself…..which ultimately leads to a more Profound Happiness, a Bliss of Being. A wonderful Guru in India once stated that some Souls come to life to find happiness, and that is fine for them…..but a rare few want the Truth and the Highest Joy with such intensity that they are willing to become Hero-Warriors within themselves to fight for a New World, a new Consciousness, for themselves and for all of Humanity. It is for each to choose, nay, to Feel, what is right for themselves.

    Just something I thought I would share!…..I appreciate your inquisitive writing and seeking within, Ms. Jessica……….Best wishes along your Journey!……..So, now, can you tell me where this new angel with wings is??!! ; )

  4. Great title; remember travelling through Hope while on tour in Canada;
    after that, we joked we were “well beyond Hope”
    (seemed funny at the time, believe me!)

    you have a fine way with words, more please…

  5. Hi Jessica! how you doin’… I don’t know why your article confuse me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great post. There so many question in my head regarding happiness. I guess i have issue regarding happiness. Anyway, I hope you will post more about your perspective about happiness and your personal experience in regards to happiness!

    • Hi again, Mark! I’m so glad you read this post. I know it wasn’t the clearest of explanations, so sorry if I confused you with what I said. I am sure I will talk more about happiness in the future. It’s definitely a topic that’s on the forefront of my mind all the time.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! So glad to have made your acquaintance through WordPress. :)

      • Hi Jessica! I’m looking forward to your future post!! thanks for replying my comment! I’m enjoying reading your blog.. You’re awesome! I love talking with you also because you are intellectually stimulating! I’m glad that I found you here in WordPress! :-)

      • thanks! I’m still a first time blogger and I’m trying to improve my writing skills. English is my secondary language… Still I want to be a writer even though I’m still raw in this area. Unlike you, you writing is like reading a editorial in newspaper. By the way are you still in Taiwan? I saw your picture here and I’m wondering what are you doing? it seems you are a preschool teacher because of the kids surrounds you as if you are there mother goose hehehe just kidding.. :-)

      • I knew English was your second language. ;) So you live in Taiwan? Your writing is very good and I’m sure you will continue to improve the more you do it. No, I’m not in Taiwan right now. Right now I am in California. I lived in Taiwan for two years and then in Hong Kong for one year. When I was in Taiwan, I worked at the New Taipei City English Wonderland camps for 5th graders. Have you heard of it? Right now I am looking at teaching options over there again. I’d like to go back to Taiwan or go to Korea or China. We’ll see… Are you a student?

      • How sweet of you! Thanks! well i really need to polish my grammar.. I didn’t proofread my comment (one of my bad habits in writing) so I’m pretty sure you will find tons of error in my sentence.. I’m not a student but I’m pretty sure i want to be your student! :-) I haven’t heard New Taipei City English Wonderland Camps.

      • Yes, your English is really good, especially compared to some Taiwanese people I’ve met! ;) I’m not sure if the camps are still running, honestly. They were a big thing a few years ago but were a pretty big government expense… Anyway, I will probably write more about that, soon, too. :)

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