food and fun fair

Here we are–the Food and Fun Fair. It’s an annual event here at HKAA. Something that students look forward to and teachers/parents . . . (?) The idea is simple: Each class/group on campus sets up a booth and sells something–for six hours on a Sunday. The goal is to make money for the school and have a fun day (I guess). Our primary students are performing a Christmas pageant at 1 o’clock–a Christmas pageant that I wrote and directed. We haven’t made it through it once without our students–particularly the little ones–goofing off, and I only just threw together some costumes this morning, so we’ll see how it goes.

Luckily, I’ve heard that, of the thousand or so people that are supposed to show up today, only about 100 actually pay attention to the performances.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is coming up so quickly, or that this year I won’t see my family. But, somehow, it’s okay. My family and friends will be with me in my heart.

Anyway, here I go. Off to the races to be a bit more useful and helpful. Hopefully, maybe, someday soon I’ll find time to post pics.

(Much love to anyone reading this!)

One thought

  1. Hey Jessica,

    Thanks for writing again!

    Hope your Sunday pageant went off without a hitch. You are amazing! I could never pull a pageant off or anything close to it. You can do things most people cannot, and I could never do! That means you have a lot of Mom in you! (think Harvest Fairs and parties at our house!) I wish I could be there to experience it with you. And I think of you every day, wanting only the best for you

    Miss you more and more as Christmas approaches,


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