It’s a work in progress, obviously. As I stated in my first entry, since coming to Hong Kong, I’ve been busy. Every moment of every day has been filled with lesson planning and grading, outings to town, and random adventures with friends. Hong Kong is a fascinating city. Some corners feel as Western as San Francisco, with ritzy hotels, large shopping malls, Western food, and gorgeous views. If you step around the corner, though, you’re right back in Asia—in markets full of flopping fish and slabs of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and, of course, stinky tofu.

I miss Taiwan. I do. I miss my friends. I miss the familiarity. I miss Mandarin. Here in Hong Kong, the tiny bit of Chinese I know is useless.

But I am so glad I am here. I hope to write and explain more soon, but . . . As much work as it is to plan lessons for an entire school year (as opposed to teaching the same plan over and over again), the rewards of getting to know my students are inexplicable. We have some students who are so cute I just want to squeeze them . . . And to get to see them where they’re at? And get to know their personalities? And watch them grow? . . . Maybe I’m starting to understand why people become parents.

This is by far one of the most rambling posts I’ve ever put together. I apologize. Next time, I will be focused. Until then, pray for me that I get tomorrow’s lesson plans done! (It’s 10:50 p.m. here. Yikes!)

my school (photo: leah vining)

just us

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  1. It’s ok to ramble. We think in rambles. Love to read and hear your ramblings because they are the real unedited you! Keep writing!

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