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From tai tao, a blog about my life and experiences in Taiwan:

It’s official. I’m starting a new blog. Since coming to Hong Kong, I haven’t had a second to think, let alone write. This seems to be a theme with me over the past few years—definitely since coming to Asia. I’m torn about starting a new blog. I hope to link back to tai tao frequently, because I want readers to know and see all of me. To know me, you must know about Taiwan.

But . . .

But, I have realized, I am too attached to tai tao to let it go. I can’t change its name: it’s a blog about Taiwan, and this is to be a blog about Hong Kong. Not that I’m not taking the “Taiwanese way” with me. I am. My experiences in Taiwan have shaped me greatly and infinitely eased my transition to living in Hong Kong.

But I am rambling.

So a new blog it is. I’m still deciding on a name. For now, it’s tbdto be defined. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on my journey . . . For most of you reading this, I’m following your journeys on facebook from afar.

clear water bay, hong kong * my backyard

5 thoughts

    • Thanks, James. I appreciate the feedback. I thought and thought about a new title, and for some reason I kept coming back to this. We sometimes look at definitions as a negative thing. “Defining” someone means “boxing that person in.” But I don’t think it has to be that way. We as people are always looking for the meaning behind things—it’s how we were programmed. In addition, “defined” can mean “a standing out.” Someone like Steve Jobs was defined.

      I hope to strive for definition all my life.

    • It’s so true, isn’t it, Subh? I have wanted to stick to a theme for this blog but have found it difficult to do so. My life has changed so much during these past few years… I guess that’s why I landed on the name “Shift.” Because the only thing constant really *is* change.

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